Hunting Safety for Dogs

iStock_000021899344_MediumDog personalities vary far and wide, but one thing is common across the board: they love being outside in the fresh air – especially during the crisp fall weather. After all, the myriad scents of the harvest are intriguing to the sniffers of backyard pooches and hunting dogs alike.

From September through March, millions of lucky hunting dogs rekindle their connection to the wilderness, display courage, and work hard to please their owner. Whether the target is big game, upland bird game, or waterfowl, dogs are major assets to a hunting party. However, there are numerous safety precautions to consider when it comes to hunting safety for dogs. Continue…

Kids & Pet Safety

iStock_000034391390_MediumWe are so lucky to start each day with our pets. The cold, wet nose on the palm before the alarm goes off, the incessant meowing before the food hits the bowl, the woofing coming from the backyard when the paper hits the front porch… We adore our pets’ consistent, everyday behaviors – perhaps because they reflect our own human ways. But where did our affinity for animals come from?

You may have heard that special little squeal or giggle that result from the very first touch of a whisker or floppy ear. Pet owners and families delight in the fact that babies are captivated by animals. The scores of stuffed animals that arrive for each birthday or holiday may perpetuate that fascination or the stories about animal characters kids naturally identify with. Continue…

Fall Yard Clean-Up & Pet Safety

young Australian shepherd playing with leavesAs we round out yet another dry, hot summer here in San Antonio we’ve begun to notice certain changes in our neighborhoods. Folks are out in their yards and garages getting ready for the shifts in temperature our fickle seasons provide.

In your preparations for the coming months please consider your pet. Keep him or her inside and away from the action as you clear away refuse, plant your spring bulbs, fertilize your yard, and prepare your vehicle for the colder months ahead.

Rule of Thumb for Your Green Thumb

Many pet parents are painfully aware that their pups like to dig. However, if he gets his paws and jaws on certain flower bulbs he will be in a world of hurt. Continue…

National Pet Memorial Day – Remembering Your Pet’s Beautiful Life

Mourning doves perched on a sign in a pet cemetery, Andrade, California.The loss of a beloved pet leaves an indelible imprint on our hearts and an empty space in our homes. Truly, our pets become family members, sharing some of our more joyous occasions, as well as providing comfort during life’s rough patches.  Letting go can seem an impossible feat, no matter what the circumstances that led to the understandable grace of parting ways.

That is why National Pet Memorial Day, Sunday, September 14th, is an important and meaningful holiday to honor and celebrate the lives of our departed companions. Started over 40 years ago, the holiday offers grieving pet owners the chance to memorialize their pets through tributes, services, and events that highlight the many ways our pets bring happiness to our lives.

While many people choose to observe the day at one of San Antonio’s pet cemeteries, there are several ways you can celebrate your pet’s life. Continue…

Is It a Pet Emergency? Knowing How to Recognize and Respond to Your Pet’s Crisis

iStock_000029229234_MediumFacing a pet emergency can be scary. But, as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to see your pet through his or her time of need. Unfortunately, not all pet emergencies are as obvious as others, and knowing how to respond to your pet’s condition isn’t always as straightforward as you might like it to be.

While every pet emergency has the potential to be unique, the following signs and symptoms should help you identify the severity of your pet’s crisis. However, if your pet’s symptoms aren’t listed below, but in your gut you know something serious is wrong, please don’t hesitate to call us (or our emergency referral partner) for a consultation. Continue…