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New Tricks: How Dog Training Increases Health and Happiness

We all have at least one “bad dog” story to share at parties or around the water cooler. True, the behaviors of some dogs may drive you absolutely bonkers. From incessant barking at the resident backyard squirrel, to gnawing open the cushions of a brand new leather sectional, have you reached the point of… bewildered […]
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Heartworm Disease and Cats: More Prevalent Than Commonly Thought

Many pet owners often associate heartworm disease with dogs since they are much more likely to be infected become infected than cats (1 cat for every 10 dogs infected). This is due to the fact that the physiological makeup of felines is more resistant to the invading parasites. However, both cats and dogs are susceptible […]
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Raising Awareness To Prevent Pet Poisoning

The entire month March honors the importance of Pet Poison Awareness and, because of the topic’s importance, March 15 – 21 is Pet Poison Prevention Week. We treat many pets accidentally exposed to toxic household items or ingredients and strive to encourage preventive measures to protect the pets we all love. Below is a review […]
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