Pet Apps and Gadgets for Fitness and Weight Management

Little explorerWith so many of us relying on apps to help us with our fitness goals, it’s no surprise to see pet apps and gadgets designed to do the same thing.

With pet obesity on the rise, a stronger commitment to prevention and weight management is needed. Although nothing can replace regular wellness care and checkups, pet apps are helpful in supporting overall health goals and managing day-to-day objectives.

Because there are thousands of products on the market, your friends at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital have taken the time to scope out a few we thought were particularly handy. Continue…

The Hostess with the Mostest: Creating a Great Pet Sitting Experience

Smiling dog walker dropping off a dog to its female ownerFrom vacations to holidays, many of us are on the go through the summer months, so there is a good chance pet sitting will be required. While some pet owners appreciate the accessibility, social opportunities, and attention received in boarding, others may choose to hire a professional pet sitter.

In-home pet sitting can be a great option for pets who do not do well with travel or boarding due to behavioral challenges, old age, or simply that is less stressful for some pets to remain in the home. In-home pet sitting also adds the advantage of having the house occupied while you are away.

Whether you are a newbie to these services or a jet-setter who relies on a pet sitter for the care of a fur friend, here are some tips for creating a good experience for all. Continue…

Making Time with Your Cat Outdoors Both Safe and Enjoyable

playing catLet’s face it, if it was up to most pets, the great outdoors would be free to all, and roamed by many a fur friend. Afterall, time outside can provide much needed mental and behavioral enrichment—from watching birds to breathing in the fresh air.

But, as responsible cat owners, we know being indoors is generally safer for our pets, protecting them from disease, predation, and accident.

The good news is this doesn’t mean you can’t ever allow your cat outdoors. With some added safety precautions, you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with your favorite whiskered companion. Continue…

Splish-Splash! Pet Swimming Safety

Underwater photo of dog swimming in outdoor poolThere’s nothing more inviting than the cool, aqua-blue water of a pool or the rolling tides at your favorite beach. However, pet swimming safety should be a priority for all owners when the desire to hang ten includes your best fur pal. With an estimated 5,000 drownings each year, pet swimming safety should be on the mind of every concerned pet parent. Continue…