Pet Insurance: Weighing the Costs and Benefits

pet insuranceFor most of us, the idea of going without health insurance is unsettling, as we can expect to have situations in our lives that require medical attention. While these aren’t pleasant to consider, we know that health insurance helps cover unexpected medical costs and ongoing preventive care.

As our pets continue to experience increased longevity and a higher quality of life, pet insurance is becoming more and more appealing. Insurance not only allows pet owners to have more control over their pet’s medical needs, it also improves the annual care required to prevent diseases.


Not so Green Acres: Prevent Dog Urine Grass Burns for Good

dog urineIf you’re the proud owner of both a dog and a lawn, chances are you have at least a few yellow or brown spots out there in your field of green.

The nitrogen in dog urine is responsible for the dog urine grass burns we all know (and probably don’t love). Because of the high protein content in the canine diet, nitrogen levels in your pet’s urine will always be high, meaning that preventing the laws spots before they happen is your best bet for a healthy lawn.


Drills, Hammers, and Strangers: Keys to Pet Safety During a Remodel

pets safe during remodelSummer is prime time for construction projects ‒ a fact not overlooked by most pets. Whether it’s drilling, concrete mixing, or constant hammering in the neighborhood, the aural assault can be very disconcerting to a pet’s sensitive hearing. But if the construction occurs inside a pet’s own home, are there certain rules regarding pet safety during a remodel? You bet your hard hat!


An Unwelcome Arrival: The Canine Flu Outbreak and What it Means for Your Pet

canine fluJust when you thought you were prepared for the summer and had all your pet safety needs covered, here comes the dog flu. And not just any flu – this one is referred to using the unsettling terms “epidemic” and “outbreak.” So what exactly is canine flu and how can you be better prepared for its arrival?