Ask a Vet: Do Pets Watch TV?

It does seem like a pet behavior is to watch TV

As you settle in for a marathon Netflix session or just a quick recap of the nightly news, are you regularly accompanied by your four-legged companion? Is your dog quick to react to the sight or sounds of other dogs on TV? Does your cat race around your living room looking for the lions in that National Geographic special?

Many pet owners claim their pets watch TV, but is this true? Are dogs and cats capable of understanding what they see on the “boob tube” and, if so, how does this affect them?


Look What the Cat Dragged In: A Closer Look at this Peculiar Feline Behavior

Domestic felines may seem like they’ve shunned many of their primal instincts, and yet, many ancient behaviors remain in tact. Hunting, for example, is one feline behavior that persists despite the fullness of their food bowl. Sure, pet cats don’t have to be the predators their ancestors once were, but it sure is fun to bring home a tender morsel or two!


We Talk Turkey: Thanksgiving Fun for Pets

Thanksgiving fun for pets isn't all about food and pet safety.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you may be thinking about meals, family, and eating your fill of delicious foods. It’s natural to want to share in the fun with our furry family members too, but the holiday table is fraught with high fat, salty foods that are not the best for our pets.

Feeding our pets traditional Thanksgiving foods like turkey bones, table scraps, gravy, and stuffing can cause GI upset – and worse. Any sudden change in diet and consuming fatty foods can cause a painful and potentially deadly condition called pancreatitis.

With that in mind, we decided to put together a list of ideas for Thanksgiving fun for pets – that don’t include food. After all, a healthy pet is one of the best things to be thankful for!


Barking Dogs Can Lead to Angry Neighbors – Even When You Aren’t Home!

Barking dogs can be bad for the neighborhood.

It’s that time of day again…the coffee is in your travel mug, the lights are off, and your perfect, angelic dog is waiting for your inevitable departure. You assure them it’s going to be okay and that you’ll be home soon. As you leave, you imagine your dog quietly drifting off to sleep for a day-long nap…

While this paints a pretty picture, and it’s not unreasonable to think your dog is pretty quiet when you’re gone, it’s also not accurate to assume they don’t get into some kind of trouble as they wait for you to get home. In neighborhoods around the world, barking dogs have the potential to disturb the peace. The result? Angry (or even hostile) neighbors who can make life very difficult for you and your best friend – but not when you have a back-up plan!