dog wearing "adopt me" scarf.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a dog to your life and home, perhaps you’ve started a mental list. Whether you’re new to pet ownership or not, a pro’s/con’s list can help align your emotions with logic. 

There are truly exponential rationales that motivate people to adopt dogs. They help us connect and feel a sense of belonging, keep us healthy (mentally and physically), and add so much value to our lives it’s impossible to sum up here. When you adopt a shelter dog (as opposed to from a breeder or private party), the benefits go way beyond expectations.

Reason #1: Breaking the Cycle

The overpopulation of companion animals is heartbreaking. The painstaking efforts of individual animal advocates, pet owners, and pet care organizations are reducing numbers of reproducing animals. Through spaying and neutering, microchipping, and other facets of responsible pet ownership, pets in human care are receiving the care they need and deserve. 

The hard truth is that there are more animals than there are homes. When you adopt a shelter dog, you diminish the cycle of overpopulation. Since millions of homeless pets are euthanized annually because of space restrictions, the adoption of one pet means that another has the chance to find their new owners when a bed/cage becomes available.

Similarly, some backyard or illegitimate breeders sell puppies for a profit without providing any health care or medical history. Adopting a shelter dog can reduce this cruel system. 

Reason #2: All the Difference in the World

If you’ve ever walked the aisles in an animal shelter, you know the look that most animals have on their faces when you approach and pass them. They are cared for in these environments, but they want a home to call their own

The second most important reason to adopt a shelter dog is the fact that you will change their life forever. Regardless of the events that landed them in the shelter (they got lost or separated from their previous owner, were surrendered, or simply stray), they will never forget the chance you took on them. Shelter dogs seem to know that you saved them, and they will never stop trying to repay you for the kindness.

Reason #3: All the Things!

Have you noticed or do you suspect that dog owners are happier about life than everyone else? Well, there could be some truth to this. Dogs help us stay active, they facilitate exercise, conversations with nice strangers, and add richness to our emotional lives

When you adopt a shelter dog, get ready to embrace all that life has to offer with your new best friend. They’ll keep you going strong for that extra mile, that new dog park, or an exciting trip to share together. They won’t judge you, they’ll love you unconditionally, and won’t stop giving themselves to improving every moment of each day. 

Best Choice Ever

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Check out the San Antonio Humane Society for all of their adoptable dogs, and please call us with questions at (210) 681‑1391. Our staff can’t wait to meet your newly adopted dog!