For cat owners and people that love the feline species in general, every day is a “cat day.” When we’re not with our cats, we’re probably thinking about them. As far as we’re concerned, kitties rule the roost and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Even with all the unofficial cat days, there is an International Cat Day to celebrate together. The International Fund for Animal Welfare created this worldwide event as a way to raise awareness. Every August 8th, people unite in order to improve the health and welfare of domestic cats around the world. What could be better than that?

Cats Are Simply the Best

There’s a reason cats dominate small islands, the world wide web, and of course, our phone cameras. As one of the world’s most popular pets, cats are celebrated en masse for their distinctive features, jaw-dropping physicality, and adorable antics. 

More than 400 millions cats live worldwide, although not all have homes

Istanbul, Turkey, for example, is home to over 100,000 free-roaming felines. Germany has the highest rate of cat ownership in the European Union. America’s first cats came with early European explorers in the 1600’s, but didn’t become bona fide members of the family until the 1800’s. It is estimated that almost half of all American households include at least one cat. We are among them, and couldn’t be happier about it.

Best Feline Friends Forever

One of the best ways to celebrate International Cat Day is to simply spend time with your cat. You probably don’t need any extra incentive to do this, but we’re pretty sure your cat would enjoy any additional moments playing or cuddling with you. Indulge them with their favorite healthy treats, groom their coat, trim their nails, or surprise them with a new toy. Despite the fact that you’re doing something for them, you will also benefit from some kitty therapy.

You could also invest in some new cat-centric features, such as new perches, a super cool cat patio (catio), cat grass in a snazzy planter, or a circulating water fountain that improves hydration

Invest in Their Future

Another way to honor International Cat Day might be to review your cat’s wellness plan and medical records. Has it been awhile since they were examined or vaccinated? Is their current food meeting their nutritional needs? Have their teeth ever been professionally cleaned? You could also update your contact information with their national registry for their microchip, if anything has changed. These seemingly small actions make a huge difference in the life of your precious friend.

Spread the Joy

You may also enjoy volunteering with or donating to your favorite feline organization. Help to raise money and awareness for feline causes close to the heart. Lastly, if this is the right time for you, your resident cat, and the rest of your household, there is nothing better than bringing a new cat into the fold. It’s not always a straightforward process to create a happy, multi-cat dynamic at home, but there are tremendous rewards for your preparation, patience, and respect. 

No matter how you and your cat choose to observe International Cat Day, we hope you know that our staff at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital are celebrating alongside you. As always, please call us (210) 681‑1391 with any questions.