Pearly Whites and Happy Tails: Pet Dental Health Month

dog dental care.

In an effort to raise awareness among pet owners and promote overall wellness, February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Without routine attention to the teeth and gums pets, can quickly become vulnerable to dental disease. 

What’s worse, oral problems aren’t limited to the mouth. Oral bacteria leads to periodontal, or gum, disease, but can also travel through the bloodstream to the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys where major health problems develop. 


The Link Between Pet Dental Care and Lifelong Health

Dog holding a toothbrush in its mouth.

There are so many things we maintain in modern life. From our bicycles to our gutters, healthy hobbies to pruning, there’s no shortage to basic upkeep. In fact, it’s likely that a solid portion of your week is dedicated to simple maintenance of your home, checkbook, waistline, and sanity. The good news is that it pays off to stay in front of negative developments. 


Dental Treats for Pets: Do They Really Work?

Dog chewing dental treat.

We get lots of questions about dental treats at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital. While grabbing a chew bone that advertises dental health support may seem too good to be true, dental treats for pets can (and do) have some value. Learn how they can be a valuable part of your pet’s home dental care routine: 


Dental Disease in Cats and Your Role as a Pet Owner

Cat with no dental disease.

While cats may be known for liking fish, that doesn’t mean that their breath needs to smell like a can of tuna. Dental disease in cats is a real problem and Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants you as a pet owner to be aware and ready to help.


Chomping Out Dental Disease in Dogs

Dog with healthy teeth.

In veterinary medicine, dental disease in our patients is a problem that is often overlooked or downplayed by pet owners. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital sees first-hand every day, though, how dental disease in dogs affects pets. Learn what you need to know as a pet owner. 


To Brush Is a Must: Tips for Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

A grumpy cat gets his teeth brushed.

There are probably few things that terrify cat owners more than the thought of bathing their cat, let alone brushing their teeth. You may be surprised, though, that this necessary task will become surprisingly easy with the right techniques, patience, and positive reward. 

The biggest reward, however, is that you are being instrumental in keeping your cat’s teeth healthy, which in turn contributes to overall health. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is here with some tips on brushing your cat’s teeth for optimal at home dental care.


4 Stages of Dental Disease In Pets

Dentl disease, also called periodontal disease, is one of the most common conditions affecting our pets. In fact, the American Veterinary Dental College estimates that by the time pets are 3 years of age, over 85% of them have some form of dental disease.

Most pet owners have a difficult time knowing when dental disease is a problem affecting their own pet. After all, who wants to look in a pet’s mouth, what with all those fangs? And, pets are very good at hiding signs of pain and discomfort, even from their closest people.

But dental disease in pets is painful for them, make no mistake. And if left untreated, it can cause pain, infection in the mouth, tooth loss, and even damage vital organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys.

Since we all love our pets and want to do the best we can to provide them with a long and happy life. By placing the spotlight on dental disease in pets, and what pet owners can do to prevent and treat this painful condition.


The Proof in the Pudding: Paying Attention to Cat Dental Health

Cat dental health is important when it comes to cat's living longer

If you own a cat, you know what mysterious, funny, and independent creatures they are. They can also be extremely loving. But whatever your cat’s personality, the fact is that they are a big part of our lives. So it’s natural that we want to care for them the best we can.

But when was the last time you thought about cat dental health? Maybe…. never? If that’s the case, let us give you some reasons that we should all be paying attention to cat dental health, beginning with our own kitties.


Pet Dental Care & the Importance of Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

WestPark - Leon_iStock_000031982520_LargeBrushing your pet’s teeth is probably right up there with changing your car’s oil. You can do it, but you really don’t want to. Unfortunately, without consistent dental care your pet’s mouth can harbor bacteria and decay; which cannot only be painful, but even dangerous to overall health. Continue…


iStock_000009963933_Small (1)Pet dental care is just as important as our own. Unfortunately, many pet owners tend to let this facet of their pet’s overall wellness fall to the wayside. Left unchecked, your pet’s teeth and gums can deteriorate quickly, and unresolved dental issues can lead to a number of problems for your pet’s well-being.

Dental Disease

Unbeknownst to most pet owners, dental disease is one of most common diseases seen in pets by veterinarians. A large majority of pets (around 80%) have some form of dental disease that ends up causing issues both large and small. Some of the signs of dental disease can include: Continue…