Pets and the Holidays… A Perfect Match?

pets and the holidaysWhen it comes to pets and the holidays, we try to have all the bases covered. In fact, we’ve written a bit about it before. With that in mind, it’s clear the combination of pets and the holidays – especially with regard to safety – is powerful enough to warrant ongoing attention.

The holiday season provides an opportunity to reflect on what matters most. Certainly, holiday pet safety is a top priority, but if you were to spend an entire day with your pet, would it include favorite holiday movies and some scrumptious food? We thought so!


Is Holiday Cat Safety a Real Thing?

We are swiftly sliding toward year-end, a fact that many cat owners brace themselves for. Is Fluffy going to bring down the Christmas tree again this year? Burn their whiskers from getting too close to festive candles?

With our holiday cat safety measures firmly in place, you won’t have to worry quite as much. And Fluffy? Ringing in the new year in style, comfort, and top health.


A Friendly Reminder for a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving

If you’ve followed our blog over the years (and, of course, we hope you have!), then you probably know all about pet toxins. You might even have a list of all the no-no’s that can cause pet poisoning. Still, most holidays that involve lots of food go hand-in-hand with increased calls to the Pet Poison Helpline and visits to veterinary emergency clinics.

Along with gratitude, there’s no doubt that Thanksgiving is all about the food and lots of it. Because many pet owners still don’t know about some of the foods that are dangerous to pets, it’s important to remind everyone about these risks. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has some great suggestions on how to create a pet-friendly Thanksgiving to keep your furry friend safe this season – and throughout the year!


Yankee Doodle Doggie: How to Safely Celebrate the Fourth of July With Your Pet

fourth of july with your petThere are some things that just don’t mix. For example, the Fourth of July and pets is often a risky combination. Loud noises, parties, fireworks, and other crowded festivities are all part of the equation, making the holiday seem like a pain for pet owners everywhere.

In a previous blog, we wrote about the dangers of the holiday and how to protect your pet. This also includes a common pet condition (noise anxiety) and how to help your furry friend cope. But what about ways to make the holiday pet friendly?

For all our pet parents out there, we have some fun and safe ideas for spending the Fourth of July with your pet.


Creating New Traditions: Celebrating a Low-Stress Holiday With Your Pet

Puppy wrapped up in Christmas lightsFor some, skipping the holiday madness is definitely the way to go. Whether that means foregoing gift-giving or taking a pass on hosting the annual feast, there’s certainly good reason to opt for a simpler holiday this year.

For pet owners, this new version of holiday “chill” is especially helpful for keeping a pet stress-free or when you’re looking to increase quality time with your animal companion.

If you want to shake it up this season and make some new memories and traditions, we have you covered. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy an easy-going, hard-work-free holiday with your pet.


Just Hangin’ Around? Unlock the Mystery of Holiday Cat Safety

Cat siting in snowdrift in winter forestYou could say that cats love Christmas, but it may be more accurate to say their “love” is really more of an obsession with Christmas trees. As far as your cat is concerned, the installation of an evergreen tree (whether natural or artificial) is a clear invitation to inspect, chew, jump, climb, and possibly take down and destroy with one pounce. This begs the question: what are your plans to deter your cat from being on or around the tree? With our holiday cat safety tips, you won’t have to scratch your head for long.


This Year’s Trendiest Holiday Gifts for Pets

Puppy wrapped up in Christmas lightsWhen it comes to indulging our fur kids, the holidays can be the best time of year! Many owners wouldn’t dream of keeping a beloved pet off Santa’s gift list and thankfully, buying gifts for pets is the norm these days.

To help you create the perfect pet wish list, the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has compiled some of our favorite ideas along with gifts you should avoid.

To Err is Human…But Is Your Pet a Good Judge of Character?

AllPets_iStock_000032185210_MediumWe don’t always rely on our pets to judge others, but if your pet reacts strongly to a new person in your life, is it possible he or she is keyed into something to which you’re oblivious?

Like a barometer measures atmospheric pressure, your pet could potentially assess compatibility, determine your level of risk, and even weigh his or her own place in a potential love triangle. Is your pet a good judge of character? Let’s find out… Continue…

Your Pet And The Holidays: Safety First, Contentment Second

iStock_000053053058_LargeIt’s almost contradictory that a season replete with joy, family time, and indulgences is also rife with dangers. While it can be exciting to get swept away in all the festivities, lights, and gingerbread house contests, it’s important to remain in tune with your four-legged friend to best protect him or her from illness or holiday-related calamity. Plus, your pet may be wondering when you plan to slow down a bit for a nice lasting cuddle or some other version of quality time, say, a long walk or laser chase.

In response, we’ve prepared the following guidelines for your pet and the holidays so you can close out this year in safety and peace. Continue…

Planning Ahead for Holiday Pet Stress

iStock_000046798998_Large.jpgThe holidays can be stressful for everyone, but it’s not the spending or constant fretting over gifts that bothers your pet. While he or she likely picks up and reflects your mood, your pet may also be stressed about other things entirely.

The constant stream of unfamiliar faces, voices, and scents can really upset your pet’s inner balance, and the abundance of bright, sparkly holiday decor can be overwhelming. However, with proper planning, holiday pet stress can easily be reduced and managed. Continue…