Dog House Design for Pet Owners

A pug waits in the door of a well-designed dog house.

Your dog deserves the best. You chose that in pet wellness care at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, in the dog food you selected, and in the people you picked to care for them. Why not their dog house? If you are thinking about DIY’ing dog house design or repair, be sure that you do it right! Here are some of our favorite tips and finds: 


Pets and Fireworks: Keeping Everyone Calm and Happy

Two small dogs hide from firework sounds under a bed. .

You may be excited to wish America a happy birthday, but chances are that your pets are not so stoked. Pets and fireworks tend to go together like oil and water. Here is Leon Valley Veterinary Clinic’s advice for keeping everyone calm, cool, and collected this fireworks season. 


Take Your Pet to Work Week: Risks and Benefits to Pet Wellness

A dog with her human visiting the office for Take Your Pet to Work Week.

One positive thing that came out of 2020 was all of that time with our pets! How great was it to be sitting on a call and seeing everyone’s pets in the background or having them nuzzle you for a treat. It was good for both human and pet wellness.

Now that things are trending with humans going back into the office, you may be excited for the opportunity for everyone to meet your pet in real life. 


Adopting a Cat in San Antonio? Where to Look and What to Prepare For

An adopted kitten with her new family in San Antonio.

If you’re looking for a furry new feline baby to take home, there are plenty of options for adoption in our beautiful city of San Antonio. We have some tips on getting prepared to bring your new family member home and a few possible locations where your cat could possibly be at this very moment!


Preventing Pet Cancer: Is it Possible?

Pet cancer awareness: a family researches pet cancer with their dog.

It’s pet cancer awareness month, and the burning question here at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is whether we stand a chance when it comes to preventing pet cancer. The long and short of it is that we can’t entirely, but with some diligent wellness care, we are not totally helpless when it comes to pet cancer. 


Does My Dog Suffer From Anxiety?

An anxious dog sits on a chair he ripped up.

May 2-8 is Dog Anxiety Awareness Week, and the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants to help you recognize signs of anxiety in canines so you can help to ease it when it occurs. Keep reading to find out if your dog is suffering from anxiety and how you can help them feel calmer and happier on a daily basis.


Take Back Your Power: How to Handle Your Bossy Dog

Living with a bossy dog means that you are not in the driver’s seat when it comes to your daily routines. When your dog thinks he is the boss, he might bark a lot to get his way, mark his territory by urinating inside your house, or even bite when he feels like he is not being heard. 

While this can cause some tension at home, there are ways to exert your own dominance over your dog and show him who is the true boss of your household:


Ringworm in Pets 101: What You Need to Know

A sad dog rests on the couch.

Whenever a pet has lesions on the skin, pet owners tend to jump to the conclusion that it must be ringworm. While our vets at Leon Valley Veterinary Clinic diagnose ringworm in pets fairly frequently, we have found that most people don’t really know what they are looking for when it comes to this skin infection. 

Ringworm in pets is not an uncommon dermatological diagnosis, but do you know what you are looking for?


Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital’s Top Blogs of 2020!

While 2020 has been, shall we say… unpredictable, we can reliably count on two things: the final page of the calendar will turn to 2021, and the boundless love of our fuzzy little weirdos.

Indeed, our pets have been steadfast in their support this past year just as the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has been steadfast in our commitment to your pets’ health and well-being through all the ups and downs.

As you know, part of our ongoing commitment to you and your pets’ health and happiness is our blog. And we are excited to celebrate the date change with our top blogs list! Hopefully you enjoy a look back at our most-read blogs of 2020…