A pug waits in the door of a well-designed dog house.

Your dog deserves the best. You chose that in pet wellness care at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, in the dog food you selected, and in the people you picked to care for them. Why not their dog house? If you are thinking about DIY’ing dog house design or repair, be sure that you do it right! Here are some of our favorite tips and finds: 

Considerations For Dog House Design

Whether you are building a dog house or sprucing an older model up for Dog House Repair Month, there are definitely some things to consider. 

There are some features in successful dog houses that should be taken into account when crafting a pooch palace. A good dog house design will:

  • Have moisture and rot-resistant flooring such as treated lumber
  • Provide good ventilation, especially for hot Texas weather
  • Be safe and free from sharp edges and other hazards
  • Be appropriately sized (about the size of the crate you should use for your pet)
  • Avoid shingles which tend to hold heat
  • Have a raised floor to prevent flooding
  • Be situated to avoid excess sun, wind, and rain
  • Provide a comfortable surface for your pet to rest on
  • Have a door that is not too large to prevent drafts 
  • Be made from materials that are easily cleaned and will not pose a hazard if chewed
  • Be a light color to deflect heat (at least in San Antonio)

There’s no one right way to build a dog house, but most successful dog house design incorporates these characteristics. 

Our Favorite DIY Finds

If you are on the hunt for DIY dog house designs, consider some of our favorite finds. 

Check out the porch—If you have some reasonably good carpentry skills, we love this Jen Woodhouse design. It can be scaled up for larger dogs and has the cutest little front porch. 

Portability is great—This portable model is ideal to move around as needed. You might consider an additional interior finish to hide tempting insulation or adding an overhang for additional protection against the elements. 

Log cabin anyone—How cute is this? Made of landscaping timbers, this requires only minimal carpentry skills and a caulking gun. We love how cool the stone floor is likely to feel in the Texas heat, too. 

The RV—Okay, so maybe this adorable RV design is a little more complicated, but how cute will your pooch look hanging out in it?

Prefab options—Building isn’t for everyone. There are some great choices out there for those who are not so crafty. Check out this raised option that comes in three sizes. 
Being in the dog house doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With some understanding of good dog house design, your pup can be living it up outside this summer. Please reach out to us with any questions about caring for your dog, inside or out. We love helping pets and their people.