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In the grand scheme of things, five years is a very small period of time. But a lot can change in 1,825 days. Think about how much incredible growth a baby experiences in the first five years! 

Not unlike a happy, easy-going tot, our veterinary hospital has had the good fortune to encounter lots of new furry faces and wet noses over the years. We’ve scratched a lot of ears, and shook more than a few paws. In other words, we love our jobs and appreciate the community of responsible pet owners that surround us. 

To thank you, we reached back all the way to our very first published blog. Since May of 2014, we’ve tried to top ourselves every week with more interesting, relevant, and timely content aimed at making your ownership experience even more meaningful. 

Drumroll, Please! Our Top 10 Pet Care Blogs of All Time!

With our gratitude and amazement, thank you for reading our weekly pet care blogs over the last five years. With every click, scroll, and share we’ve compiled the following list that shows which tops proved to be the most helpful to our readers. Whether simple lifestyle or behavior features or detailed blogs about potential health conditions, we hope you enjoy the most popular pet care blogs since 2014:

10. The Crate Is Great: The Benefits of Crate Training Your Cat
If your cat could talk, would he or she expound on the virtues of the travel carrier, or, when asked about it, would you simply see your cat’s tail cut through a cloud of dust kicked up by speedy, get-a-way paws? Keep reading…

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9. Choosing the Right Water and Food Bowls for Your Pet
Most of us would agree that good nutrition is important for every pet, but have you ever thought about your pet’s bowl? Likely not. After all, your ever-hungry lab is less than discriminating about where their food comes from. Read more…

8. The Importance of Pet Vaccinations
Vaccinations have garnered a lot of media attention lately, and there is quite a bit of misinformation being driven by the negative attention. Because of this, there is an array of general misconceptions among pet owners about whether or not certain pet vaccinations are necessary, or whether vaccinations compromise the health of their pet. Continue…

7. Caring for a Mother Cat and Her Newborn Kittens
If you’re expecting a litter of kittens, congratulations! Newborn kittens are quite possibly the sweetest, cutest little bundles of joy around, but that doesn’t mean you can sit idly by oohing and ahhing. Your queen, or pregnant mother cat, deserves your full attention during this special, yet nerve-wracking time. Read on!

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6. The Curious Cat: Answers to Your Most Pressing Cat Questions
Have you ever found yourself observing your cat’s behavior and wondering why they do some of the odd things they do? We’re right there with you! Cats have their idiosyncrasies – just like other animals and people – but some of these curiosities are unique to felines. Meow?

5. Beat Boredom with These 8 Fun and Interesting Hobbies for Pet Owners
Even the mellowest pet needs interesting things to do to stay happy and healthy. You can help your sweet pet indulge their natural instincts in ways that are safe and fun for both of you by participating in one of many exciting hobbies for pet owners. Read more…

4. The Pros and Cons of Common Dog Toys
It’s safe to say that most dogs love a good toy. Whether they’re playing with you or keeping themselves occupied, dogs love to tug, squeak, chew, fetch, and cuddle their favorite play things. Not only do good dog toys serve to keep your pet active, but they can serve as a wonderful alternative to treats when it comes to rewards for good behavior and devoted companionship. Fetch!

3. A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Best Pet Websites
Whether you are the type of person who can view cute kitten video after cute kitten video or are looking for the most up to date information about pet care, read on. We have compiled a list of the best pet websites out there for your enjoyment. Read on!

2. All About Mange in Pets
You may know the term “mangy mutt”, but do you really know what mange is? There are many reasons for itchy skin, hair loss, and other dermatological problems in our animal friends. Learn all about mange in pets and how to know when this diagnosis is the culprit. Continue…

1. Multilingual Mutts: The Pros and Cons of Teaching Foreign Language Dog Commands
Because of their unique understanding of certain aspects of human speech, body language, and even facial expressions, it’s possible to train your dog to “speak” in a different language. Using foreign language dog commands can be fun and may even be beneficial to your dog’s training and comprehension. Read more…

Happy New Year!

If we’re lucky enough, we’ll do another round of the top 10 pet care blogs from 2020-2025. It’s hard to believe now, but we know how quickly time flies! 
We hope we’ll see you and your pet in 2020. From all of us at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, have a safe and happy new year!