Cat with Halloween Collar Next to Smiling WitchWhat could more fun than dressing up on Halloween? Dressing up with your best pet, of course! Sure, some pets simply will not tolerate wearing anything else but a collar, and for them you’ve got a bevy of bowties, bandannas, or other neckwear to accessorize with. But for those pets that delight in getting dolled up, there are endless options in the pet costumes department, and Leon Valley has the scoop.

Getting Into It

There are so many wonderful fun fall activities to choose from, and San Antonio can’t be beat for Halloween festivities. Once you’ve got your Halloween pet safety tactics in place, you can get ready to go.

Pet Costumes

The majority of commercial pet costumes are considered safe for your pet to wear. However, sometimes parts become loose, resulting in potential strangulation or entanglement. Similarly, small pieces may fall off and become choking hazards.

It’s important that your pet feels comfortable in his or her costume. Watch out for any signs of stress or anxiety, and change your pet out of the Halloween threads if necessary. The rule of thumb is that pet costumes should never restrict regular movement, normal respiration, and full visibility. Masks and headwear typically do not go over well with the pet population, and pets should never be forced to wear a costume.

So Fun!

Once you find a costume that you like – and your pet hopefully tolerates/enjoys – it’s a good idea to introduce him or her to it prior to the big event. Allow your pet to fully inspect it and get used to wearing it around the house before wearing it for a parade or other activity.

Your favorite veterinarians and staff members at Leon Valley Vet find the following pet costumes really take the cake:

Of course, there are endless choices out there. A quick internet search will reveal thousands of potentially fitting costumes for your pet. Just remember to keep your receipt or proof of purchase if your pet simply refuses to participate.

General Reminders

In order to really appreciate the holiday, make sure your pet never has access to Halloween candy, as chocolate is highly toxic to dogs. Goodies made with the sugar substitute Xylitol are equally dangerous, and should never be offered to your pet. Just in case, have our number handy in case of a pet emergency.

Please keep an eye on your pet’s visibility after dark. Reflective tape affixed to your pet’s costume or collar is great when trick or treating. Lastly, have your pet’s ID tags showing outside the costume and update any microchip information if necessary.

Pet costumes are fun, but they are not for everyone. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Have a safe and happy Halloween!