San Antonio Fall Activities for Pets Abound

October is arguably one of the best months in southern Texas. The heat finally backs off, and there’s an abundance of things to do outdoors. Indeed, with all the fun to experience in and around San Antonio this fall, it just wouldn’t do to leave your dog at home. Instead, check out these tips to experience the best fall pet activities around town!

Ready for This?

Going out in public with your dog is always fun, but it’s more delightful when they’re well-behaved. Don’t take your pet along if they pose a risk to other animals or people. Also be sure they’re fully vaccinated, microchipped, current on parasite prevention, spayed/neutered, and can understand basic voice commands.

More Energy

We can all relate to feeling a bit sluggish when temps are high, right? Both dogs and people can relish in the cooler weather by getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. With more energy, you can take your dog to new parks or explore different neighborhoods.

Now is also a great time to enjoy some scenic walkways and nature trails. The Mission Reach of the River Walk is always sublime, but check out places like Eisenhower Park, McAllister Park, Medina Natural Area, O.P. Schnabel Park, and the Japanese Tea Garden.

Remember to pack extra waste baggies, fresh water, snacks, and take occasional breaks with your pup in the shade.

Other Fall Pet Activities

Fall is truly a unique time of year in our lovely neck of the woods. Check out these special fall pet activities to celebrate the season together:

Grab a bite to eat on the patio of one of these pet-friendly establishments in the Pearl:

Still hungry? Check out the The Cove or The Friendly Spot for lighter fare for you and your pup.

A Friendly Reminder

Fall pet activities typically revolve around Halloween. Some pets are totally cool with costumes, parades, contests, and other forms of seasonal revelry. Others, however, may only tolerate things for a few minutes. Of course, many won’t have anything to do with the holiday. Remember, your pet should always feel comfortable and safe. If you notice any signs of stress or anxiety, please take them home or take off their costume immediately.

Lastly, fall can increase your pet’s exposure to certain toxins like chocolate or alcohol. Stay alert to signs of pet poisoning, and always call us for help.

From all of us at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and your pet a happy fall!