5 Ideas for Celebrating Halloween with Pets – Safely!

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’ve been stocking up on decorations since they hit the shelves or you’re just now figuring out costumes and trick-or-treating routes, there’s no doubt that the Halloween season is upon us. 

It’s only natural to want to include your furry friends in on the fun, but not all pets are as excited about lit jack-o-lanterns and tiny ghosts and goblins as we are. Not to mention, Halloween can be a scary and dangerous time of year for our animal companions.

Your team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has come up with some safe, fun, and decidedly non-spooky ways to celebrate Halloween with pets!


Seasonal Scares: Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween pet safety prevents pet poisoning emergencies.

For many of us, it’s trick-or-treat time, which likely means lots of fun and goodies for your family. But it can also mean dangers for your pets. While many pets do enjoy being included on Fright Night, be cautious about where and what you allow your pet to do on the scariest night of the year. Avoiding scares in your own home is key when it comes to Halloween pet safety, and Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital can help!


Black Cat Myths and Black Pet Syndrome

iStock_000013625143_LargeWho do voodoo, that black cat crossing in front of you, do.

Our dark, non-photogenic furry friends get a bad rep, but do they deserve it? Where did it come from, and is there any truth to the myths about them?

Black cats have their own almagate of evil tales of dark art aid and bringing good luck to their owners in both iconic form and breed specific reality. Read on to learn more about black animals and their stereotypes, history, and odd anecdotes surrounding their dark furry coats. Continue…

Halloween Pet Safety

English bulldog and a pumpkinIt’s that time of year again to get your family and pet ready for a night of costumed fun. Trick-or-treating can be incredibly enjoyable and exciting, but it can also be an extremely stressful and potentially dangerous time of for your pet.

Not only does your pet have access to a number of toxic foods, but your furry friend also faces risks of injury from the costume you have chosen for him or her, as well as the decorations in the house and yard. Help keep your pet safe this Halloween and free from any scary emergency situations by following some simple advice for the night of tricks and treats. Continue…