Playing with dogWe love San Antonio all year round, but summer really takes the cake for fun activities. Sure, it’s hot and humid, but that only makes our suggestions for your pet this summer even more enjoyable! Without further adieu, let’s get this jerky-scented ball rolling…

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital’s Summer Top 10:

Explore! San Antonio is the 7th largest city in America, but walking around our different neighborhoods, it doesn’t really feel that big. Downtown and River Walk areas, Tobin Hill, Five Points, Lavaca, and King William are excellent walking neighborhoods. Be sure to bring along extra water for your pet and take breaks to reduce heat-induced exhaustion.

Visit Public Spaces! If your pet is socialized, encourage extra time in any of our fine city’s open spaces. We have a variety of wonderful farmer’s markets around town, and El Mercado is a prime spot for people watching. Another option for your pet this summer may be a visit to a local dog park. Your pet should be vaccinated, microchipped, current with parasite prevention, and trained to come to you when you call before unleashing.

Al Fresco Dining! Fortunately, there’s no shortage of pet-friendly restaurants here. It’s fun to share an outdoor meal with your pet taking in all of San Antonio’s summer splendor. Check out Bring Fido for destination details.

Host a Swap! Like many pet owners, you may have a basket of unused pet toys or supplies. Host a neighborhood swap meet for items that are no longer used or preferred by precious pets. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll get rid of – and what you may find!

Build A Course! Many pets truly enjoy agility training. Aside from the fact that it’s great for boosting your pet’s strength, flexibility, and endurance, it’s fun! If it’s too hot outside, you can still set up an obstacle course inside your home (Fluffy may go bananas over this!).

Splash About! We continue to recommend kiddie pools and/or sprinkler fun in the backyard to keep pets cool and entertained all summer long. Kick it up a notch by combining an agility course with your water elements. Your pooch will sleep so well at night!

Camp Out! Hitting the open road and sleeping beneath the stars will be an experience your pet won’t soon forget. Make sure you have a pet first aid kit, and bone up on safety precautions before you head out.

Hit The Beach! Texas boasts some of the nation’s finest beaches. Invest in a pet life jacket, make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe in the water, and supervise him or her closely. Fun in the sun is a summer rite of passage, but try to limit your pet’s sun exposure by hanging out in the shade (if possible), and increase water intake.

Find A Group! It’s so fun to meet pet owners that share the same (or similar) breed. Join or start a group that fosters an appreciation for your pet’s breed, interests, or lifestyle. Post your pictures on social media and invite others to participate!

Goodies! Does your pet ever get brain freeze? One way to find out is by offering him or her homemade pet popsicles or other frozen treats. Not only do people enjoy frozen goodness at summer’s peak, your pet may very well surpass your interest in an afternoon treat.

Love Your Pet This Summer

There are countless other ways to enjoy your pet’s companionship. Let us know what your plans are for your pet this summer. Happy summer from our veterinarians and dedicated staff!