Keeping Cool Paws: Prepping Pets For San Antonio’s Sizzling Summers


At Leon Valley Hospital, we understand that San Antonio’s summers are a concern for humans and pets alike. As the mercury rises, so does the challenge of keeping our furry friends cool and comfortable. But with some knowledge and preparation, your beloved companions can enjoy the sunny season just as much as you do.


Wellness Care: Nurturing Your Pet’s Health at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital

pet wellness.

Every pet enjoys several distinct life stages. From puppy or kittenhood all the way to their golden senior years, there are numerous goals within each life stage that are instrumental toward achieving optimal health and wellness. It isn’t always easy, clear, or straightforward, but responsible pet ownership is a challenging endeavor with limitless rewards. And the best part? We’re here for your pet at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital every step of the way!


San Antonio Pet Surgery: Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital

pet surgery.

Pet surgery is a large part of the services we offer at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital. Almost every pet will need to have some kind of procedure at some point, even if it’s just spay and neuter. It’s important to us that our pet parents know how much we care. Pet health and safety are what we do, and it shows through in our veterinary surgery offerings every step of the way. 


Pearly Whites and Happy Tails: Pet Dental Health Month

dog dental care.

In an effort to raise awareness among pet owners and promote overall wellness, February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Without routine attention to the teeth and gums pets, can quickly become vulnerable to dental disease. 

What’s worse, oral problems aren’t limited to the mouth. Oral bacteria leads to periodontal, or gum, disease, but can also travel through the bloodstream to the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys where major health problems develop. 


Explaining the Reverse Sneeze in Dogs

Sneezing German Wirehaired Pointer.

A reverse sneeze is something that occurs in certain dogs and can be quite alarming to a pet parent! The episode of a reverse sneeze sounds like a goose honking, wheezing, and snorting. It can come out of the blue, seemingly when your pet isn’t exerting themself. 

This phenomenon is something we get a lot of questions about here at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital. The good news is that, in most cases, the reverse sneeze isn’t something to worry about.

Let’s take a closer look at this respiratory episode. 


Reptile Rescue: What to Do When You Need to Rehome a Reptile or Amphibian

Lizard on girls shoulder.

It’s always upsetting to come to the realization that a beloved pet needs to be rehomed. There are many reasons for this, from losing a home or job to ill health or other hardship. Sometimes, the pet-to-people match isn’t always a great success

Finding a new home for a dog or cat is one thing, but things can get a little tricky when you need to rehome a reptile or amphibian. Since the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants all of our pet companions to have the safest, best options for their adoptions, we want to shed some light on what to consider when rehoming these amazing exotics.


Following the Trends: Spending the Holidays With Your Pet

Woman holding dog.
Dog walk in the park on weekends

If you’re one of those jolly types that starts humming Christmas carols long before December, you’ve probably already envisioned how you want to spend the holidays with your pet. There’s so much more to do together than ever before, thanks in large part to the growing acceptance of pets in public places. This means loads of choices regarding how best to spend your time together this holiday season. If you need a little help narrowing down the list, we’ve got some ideas on how to joyfully (and safely) spend the holidays with your pet.


A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime: Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet for Christmas

Dog paws with Christmas bow.
Gift bone on dog paws

Christmas and other holidays are popular times of year for pet adoptions. What could be better than seeing someone’s eyes light up when they get the gift of a sweet puppy, cat, or other furry friend, after all? Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when many pets are promptly returned  to shelters. 

Adopting a pet for Christmas isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are many factors to consider ahead of time. The team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants you to make the best decision for your family and a potential adoptee. Here are some important considerations. 


San Antonio Puppy and Kitten Care

puppy and kitten snuggling together.

Did you recently bring home a new puppy or kitten? If you’re looking for puppy or kitten care in San Antonio, the caring team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital would love to help. We provide leading-edge (yet affordable) veterinary care for pets in the San Antonio, Helotes, and Leon Valley areas.

Starting out your life with your kitten or puppy is incredibly exciting. It can also cause all sorts of questions to pop up in your mind. Here are some of the most common kitten and puppy care questions we get—along with answers to help guide your first days with your new furry friend.