Parvo and Your Dog

Playful Stray Puppy in North African DesertYou may have heard of parvo before, but do you really know what it is?

Parvo (also known as parvovirus) is a deadly virus that strikes dogs (mostly puppies), primarily during the summer months. The disease was not recognized prior to the 1970s, but since then veterinary hospitals across the country have become all too familiar with this terrible condition.

The good news is, parvovirus in dogs is completely preventable. However, in order to protect your pet, it is essential to understand what parvo is and where it comes from.

What Parvo Does

When an animal is infected with parvo, the virus invades the bone marrow where the cells that fight infection are produced. This causes the body to be unable to fight off the infection effectively. The virus also invades cells in the intestine and causing severe Continue…

Pet Travel Safety

iStock_000016700754_SmallWith summer under way, many of you are looking forward to your summer vacation. But when the open road calls to both you and your pet, there are a few extra steps that should be taken. Keep these pet travel safety tips in mind, both as you pack and as you travel, to help ensure that you and your pet have the vacation you both deserve.

ID Tags and Microchips

When preparing your pet for a family vacation you’ll want to make sure he or she is wearing a collar, equipped with proper ID tags. However, collars can and do come off. Because of this, we also advise that you have your pet microchipped (if he or she isn’t already), and that you double check that the chip is both activated and updated with your Continue…