Heat Stroke and Your Pet

Border collie puppy and ballSpending more time outdoors with your pet is one of the biggest perks of summer. For many of us, the warmer days mean more walks, more play time, and more fun in the sun as we frolic and play with our beloved pets.

But, as fun as the summer sun can be, it also bring the propensity for heat stroke and dehydration – neither of which are any fun at all. So before you and your pet head out to play, keep these tips in mind for preventing heat stroke in pets… Continue…

Why Wellness Care Matters in the Life of Your Pet

GirlAndDog2With tough economic times still impacting many family budgets, there can be a tendency to wait until emergency situations occur in our pet’s health before seeking veterinary care. However, foregoing routine examinations, vaccinations, and testing can diminish the quality of life for our pet, and end up costing much more in the long run.

Just like our own annual physicals and tests that are vital to diagnosing and preventing the onset of disease, our pets benefit from the same type of preventative care. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, our wellness plans focus on every facet of health in your pet’s life, including behavioral, physiological, and age-related needs.

Wellness plans also include those important examinations that provide a baseline of information to be used as your pet ages. Consistent veterinary care and comprehensive testing are incredibly helpful in determining underlying health issues and increasing longevity. Continue…

Pets and People Food: What You Can and Can’t Feed Your Pets

iStock_000033762572_SmallYou know the scene, you’ve just sat down at dinner, opened a fresh package of cheese, or cracked a can of tuna and there’s your pet… Looking up at you with those soulful eyes, head cocked, maybe a paw curled up or an inquisitive mew… Sometimes it’s hard to say no.

As difficult as it is to deny your pet the foods you eat, it is important to know which people foods are safe for your four-legged friend, and which aren’t. So before you let Fluffy or Fido snarffle down your leftover breakfast burrito or share your ice cream, read up on what’s what when it comes to pets and people food.


Pets and People Food: Healthy and Delicious

Here are some healthy food options to enhance your pet’s diet. Keep in mind, these foods are not suggested as a meal replacement. And remember, those extra calories do add up Continue…

Fourth of July Pet Safety

Field of Flags at Kennesaw Mountain 9-11 AnniversaryWhether you are headed out and about to enjoy Fourth of July festivities or planning on staying home and inviting friends over to celebrate, it is important to consider your pet’s safety. The Fourth of July can be a terrifying day for pets. The loud noises, crazy crowds, and even the abundance of people food, can cause your pet to feel overwhelmed and exhibit signs of fear ranging from hiding to aggression.

As a responsible pet owner it’s best to plan ahead for your pet’s well-being. Keep these Fourth of July pet safety tips in mind as you gear up for the big day… Continue…