Halloween Pet Safety

English bulldog and a pumpkinIt’s that time of year again to get your family and pet ready for a night of costumed fun. Trick-or-treating can be incredibly enjoyable and exciting, but it can also be an extremely stressful and potentially dangerous time of for your pet.

Not only does your pet have access to a number of toxic foods, but your furry friend also faces risks of injury from the costume you have chosen for him or her, as well as the decorations in the house and yard. Help keep your pet safe this Halloween and free from any scary emergency situations by following some simple advice for the night of tricks and treats. Continue…

What About Worms? Pets and Parasites

iStock_000016769011_MediumNo one likes to think about parasites. Unfortunately, they are a reality in pets (and people too!). Part of responsible pet ownership is protecting your pets from unwanted invaders. Doing so helps to keep dogs and cats healthier longer.

Parasites in Pets

It is not uncommon for our pets to be affected by one or more parasites at some point in their life. Parasites are organisms that live on or in a host (your pet) and benefits by taking nutrients from its host. There are a wide range of parasites that affect our animals. Some are just annoying, while others can cause major illness or even death. Continue…

We Love Our Vet Techs!

Copy of iStock_000018801259_Medium (1)When you bring your pet to the vet, be it for a wellness exam or the urgent treatment of an immediate condition, you know that Fluffy or Fido will be in good hands. Most often (we hope), this is because of the care and devotion that our staff displays every day. Each member of our veterinary staff plays an important part in serving our pets’ needs, and our veterinary technicians are no exception.

National Veterinary Technician Week, which takes place October 13–17, gives pet owners (and veterinarians) the chance to recognize and thank those individuals that contribute to your pets’ health and well-being. Even though we acknowledge the dedication that vet techs display on a daily basis as they care for and treat our pets, National Veterinary Technician Week provides us with the opportunity to honor our vet techs’ ongoing commitment to animal welfare. Continue…

Pet Adoption: Saving Lives One Animal at a Time

iStock_000024726165_MediumSo you’ve made the big decision to become a pet owner. For many of us, nothing is more rewarding than owning a pet and being a responsible participant in ensuring your faithful companion remains healthy and happy, except maybe taking that extra step to adopt your pooch or kitty from a shelter.

Shelter pets need loving homes, sometimes more so than those you see in the pet shop window or for sale by a breeder. As October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, there is no better time to acknowledge the importance of adoption, or bask in the enjoyment of giving an adoring and deserving animal a forever home and family.

Once you’ve made the decision to welcome a shelter pet into your life, you will need to make some choices on the type of dog or cat you will be bringing home. Continue…