Why We Are Thankful for Our Pets

Girl Kissing Dog SilhouetteFor many of us, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for. Family, friends, our health, and prosperity are all common sources of gratitude, but for those of us fortunate enough to be pet owners, another blessing to be counted is our four-legged and feathered friends.

While we all have our individual reasons to be thankful for our pets, one of the greatest things that makes pet ownership so rewarding is how thankful our pets are for us. The unbridled joy they have to see us again, whether we’ve been gone five minutes or five days, can’t help but make us feel good. And, of course, the excitement and appreciation they show for being fed the same food every single day is not something we’re likely to get from our families.

Many studies have proven that having a pet helps us feel better, stay healthier, and live longer lives. But for many of us, one of the most poignant aspects of pet ownership is that loving and wanting the best for our furry beasts helps us learn to be unselfish.

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Preventing a Thanksgiving Pet Emergency

iStock_000023729783_MediumIf you are like us, you have a long holiday to-do list looming in front of you. You may have special events to attend and, if you are hosting, lots of food and decorations to attend to.

While adding one more thing to your list may seem untenable, when it comes to your pet’s safety this Thanksgiving, emergencies can be prevented if you plan ahead. Let’s accomplish this task together by committing to the Thanksgiving basics we’ve listed for your success. Continue…

Pet Cancer Prevention

cozy couple on sofaYour pet relies on you for necessities like food, water, exercise, and affection, but he or she also needs your help when it comes to preventing disease, too. Certainly regular wellness exams, routine vaccinations and parasite preventatives are all on the list of keeping your pet happy and healthy, but but have you thought of other potential health problems that your pet may develop, like cancer?

Just as it does with us, pet cancer can develop in any part of the body where abnormal cells grow and divide at a rapid rate. Pet cancer is frighteningly prevalent – and while there are certain breeds that are genetically predisposed the disease, it can be found in any pet at any age.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce your pet’s cancer risk. Here’s what you need to know… Continue…

Getting The Most Out Of Your Pet’s Vet Appointment

cat at veterinarianWe truly enjoy seeing all of our pet patients, and always want the best possible outcome for them – whether it is regarding general wellness or critical care. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we strive to deliver excellent customer service to our clients and superb care to their pets, and hope we meet (if not exceed) those expectations.

However, sometimes we need help from pet owners during appointments to make sure that all the needs of the animal are addressed. We love to answer pet owner’s questions and, in preparation for your pet’s next visit to see us, we suggest bringing some notes and questions to help us serve your pet in the best possible way. Continue…