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Crate Expectations

First, let’s dispel with the common crate training myths right away; crates are not cruel, and are not a punishment. Instead, crates are modern dens for modern dogs. And, as most of us know, it is inherent to a dog’s nature to live in dens. There are a lot of great reasons to encourage crate […]
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Benefits Of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

There are so many myths and anecdotes about getting the family pet fixed that it can be challenging to find the real facts. Besides the most obvious bonus of not having a surprise litter of puppies or kittens on your hands, there are other stressors of having an unfixed animal that can be avoided by […]
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Chocolate and Your Pet: What to Know and What to Do

The biggest chocolate event of the year is almost upon us! Even if you’re buying your own box of chocolates this year, make sure it’s from your dog, not for your dog. Most of us know of the dangers chocolate poses for canines, and it’s not sweet!
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Pet Dental Care & the Importance of Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Brushing your pet’s teeth is probably right up there with changing your car’s oil. You can do it, but you really don’t want to. Unfortunately, without consistent dental care your pet’s mouth can harbor bacteria and decay; which cannot only be painful, but even dangerous to overall health.
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