Come Home: The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Leon_iStock_000035520952_Large (1)It’s late and your pet has managed to sneak out. It’s happened before, but he’s usually home by now. You call his or her name into the darkness and hope that any second you’ll hear the sound of sweet relief coming from the tags or bell dangling from his collar. When all you hear is silence, a specific dread may wash over you: your pet is out and about, maybe lost forever.

Microchipping your pet adds a certain type of security to this scenario, and can even lead to a sweet reunion. Join us as we describe the process, and list the benefits of microchipping your pet. Continue…

Dog-gone Fun: Ideas for Summertime Pet Activities

Leon_iStock_000002122474_LargeHave you been spending too much time on the couch? Has your energetic canine been looking longingly at that underused leash? Or, are you just looking for some creative ways to change up the weekend in a pet friendly way?

You’re not alone.

Summertime pet activities can sometimes be a challenge (dang ‘No dogs allowed’ signs!), so we took the time to come up with some cool ideas for those hot summer days. Continue…

Warm-Weather Pet Safety Quiz

Billings_iStock_000064735487_LargeTake this short quiz and you may be surprised by the results. Of the following situations, which could prove dangerous for your pets? (Assume drinking water is freely available at all times.)

  • Staying in the car for 20 minutes, in the shade, with the windows rolled half-way down
  • Playing Frisbee on the beach for half an hour
  • Running in the park for 25 minutes on a cloudy, but warm and humid, day
  • Sleeping in the backyard with no shade
  • Taking a long, leisurely walk through the city on a hot day


Addressing the Challenges of a Multi-Pet Home

Striped, gray cat and dog  sitting on the window

For pet lovers who are aware of the overwhelming number of stray and homeless pets in the country, it is understandable why we are often the ones whose homes are full of fur companions. Multiple pet households are common, in fact, as more than 50% of all cat and dog owners share their homes with more than one pet. With all of the love in the air, you’d think a multi-pet home would be an ideal situation, right? Continue…