Have A Pet Friendly 4th Of July

iStock_000047122194_LargeYour pet experiences his or her environment through the nose, eyes, and ears – and fireworks trigger all of these senses to the extreme. Even the most serene and relaxed among the four-legged set can become extremely agitated by fireworks and the chaos of the 4th. So what can we as pet owners do to keep our pets happy and safe during the 4th of July celebrations this year? Read on to learn more… Continue…

The Crate Is Great: The Benefits of Crate Training Your Cat

Leon_iStock_000007543673_LargeIf your cat could talk, would he or she expound on the virtues of the travel carrier, or, when asked about it, would you simply see your cat’s tail cut through a cloud of dust kicked up by speedy, get-a-way paws? You cat may absolutely hate the crate, but with a healthy combination of time, patience, and gentle persuasion, he or she can learn to appreciate it and may even want to hang out there.

The Crate Debate

Crate training your cat may seem downright impossible, especially if you’ve ever had to force your feline into his or her travel kennel in order to make a trip in the car. Continue…

Keeping Your Pet Safe During and After Floods and Disasters

June10_AllPets_Leon_iStock_000020557456_LargeRecord-breaking rainfall, rising lakes and rivers, and mass flooding over the past few weeks have been on everyone’s mind. Tragedies of lost lives, homes, and personal possessions have weighed on our hearts, whether personally affected or not. For many loving pet owners, fears were realized with missing or injured family member pets. For those unaffected, we may wonder how we can better protect pets during floods and disasters.

Emergency Preparedness for Floods and Disasters

As you may have learned in Scouts or through taking basic first aid, being prepared is your best line of defense in an emergency situation. Yet fewer than 20% of all households have a disaster plan or kit. Fewer still have plans that include the family pets. Continue…

Nip In The Bud: Gardening with Pet-safe Plants

Black dog in a meadow of flowersYour azalea’s look absolutely splendiferous in your garden beds and your lilies are simply gorgeous this year, but did you know that both flowers are dangerous to your pet? Fortunately for your green thumb, there are loads of pet-safe plants to choose from, and we’d like to spread the news about the risks associated with the most common flora possibly growing in your own backyard.

A Green Oasis

Homeowners typically invest a good amount of time into garden projects and curb appeal. Plants like rhododendron, oleander, and foxglove are extremely pretty and popular, but  super toxic for your pet. The good news? You can still create and maintain a lush garden – and a safe, non-toxic one, as well. Continue…