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What Does It Mean To Be A Responsible Pet Owner?

  It’s easy to assume that owning a pet is…well, easy. Pets are typically adorable, sweet, fun, good-natured, and excellent snuggle buddies on cold nights. Besides food, water, and shelter (not to mention cleaning up any messes), a prospective pet owner may wonder: what else is there?
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Back To School Blues: How Does Your Pet Handle Change?

The summer is possibly the most special season of the year for your pet, and the reason goes far beyond the extra social occasions, traveling opportunities, and longer than usual naps splayed out on the lawn. It’s the time spent with running amok with your children, of course! But, alas, summer is coming to a […]
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Kennel Cough Basics: Infection, Treatment, and Prevention

When your dog displays signs of respiratory distress, what do you do? With the latest outbreak of canine influenza around Chicago earlier this year, and the spread of the same strain in our own backyards in 2011, it’s natural to conclude that your dog caught the nasty, contagious flu. However, while some symptoms (such as […]
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