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Making the Move: Tips for Your Cat

Whether it’s cross-town or cross-country, moving is a major undertaking. For your cat, moving may also be frightening or overwhelming. While new sights and smells are appealing, how can you best prepare your cat for such a big transition? Moving Your Cat: Details, Details! Moving inspires a sense of chaos that your cat may never […]
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Black Cat Myths and Black Pet Syndrome

Who do voodoo, that black cat crossing in front of you, do. Our dark, non-photogenic furry friends get a bad rep, but do they deserve it? Where did it come from, and is there any truth to the myths about them? Black cats have their own almagate of evil tales of dark art aid and […]
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Dog Quirks – Why Does My Dog Do That?

The in-laws are visiting, maybe your boss is over for dinner, or maybe you’re hosting a football party and, without warning, your dog chooses that specific moment to emerge from behind a wall as though stepping onto stage. Looking around the room, almost building the suspense, he drops his rear-end with a loud pronounced “thud” […]
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Fun Pet Activities in the Fall

Finally, the temperatures have lowered in the last month and continue to move back into the pleasant outdoor climate that makes San Antonio a great place to live. South central Texas offers a lot of fun activities with pets in the fall. Hiking, biking, parks and parties, the fall season really is a nice mix […]
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