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Co-Existing in a Peaceful Multi-Cat Household

If you’ve ever heard a cat fight in the middle of the night or felt nervous about territorial marking inside your home, adopting a second cat may seem like a bad idea. We assure you, it’s not! However, introducing a new feline – and maintaining a peaceful multi-cat household – takes careful consideration and planning. […]
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Roaming Free: Teaching Your Dog to Safely Walk Off-Leash

For owners who love to run, jog, hike, and enjoy outdoor activities, allowing their dog to walk off-leash makes good sense. These activities keep your energetic dog moving while also providing opportunities for sniffing, exploring, and running free. However, off-leash roaming is a big responsibility for any dog owner. Training and practice must be provided […]
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Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2015

2016 is right around the corner, perhaps better put, it’s just a paw away. Resolutions creep into the mind this time of year and many of those evaporate wistfully with guiltless abandon. We hope that some of those fantastic resolutions have their way to sticking around for success in the coming year. Super exciting material […]
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