Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet? It’s an Act of Love!

Two friendly domestic catIt may seem like a good idea to wait to spay or neuter your pet – or forego the procedure altogether – but this choice can be costly for both of you. With so many homeless pets facing euthanasia each year, it makes sense to prevent unwanted litters. However, did you know your pet’s health can also be improved by this simple procedure?


When we spay or neuter your pet, it involves the surgical sterilization of specific reproductive organs while under general anesthesia. Continue…

To Err is Human…But Is Your Pet a Good Judge of Character?

AllPets_iStock_000032185210_MediumWe don’t always rely on our pets to judge others, but if your pet reacts strongly to a new person in your life, is it possible he or she is keyed into something to which you’re oblivious?

Like a barometer measures atmospheric pressure, your pet could potentially assess compatibility, determine your level of risk, and even weigh his or her own place in a potential love triangle. Is your pet a good judge of character? Let’s find out… Continue…

Valentine’s Day Pet Safety: Protecting Your Furriest Sweetheart

AIMSS_Leon_iStock_000055992820_MediumAs Valentine’s Day items line the store shelves, love is in the air. While the words “pet safety” may not be the sweet nothings you plan on whispering, it’s definitely important to those with animal companions.

Ahhh, Chocolate!

Most pet owners have a keen fear of chocolate when it comes to their pet – especially for the dog who eats anything.

Chocolate poisonings comprise the majority of veterinary emergencies this time of year. The darker the chocolate, the greater the danger to your pet, since it contains a greater percentage of theobromine and caffeine (the alkaloid toxins).

Since chocolate is often wrapped, many pet owners make the mistake of thinking their pet won’t chew through that heart-shaped box or foil. Think again! Any delectable (wrapped or not) can be smelled, prompting your dog to chow down. Continue…

How do You Show Your Pet Love?

Aren't you so cute!Heart-shaped treats have a tremendous power to make us feel loved, but the idea that special treats equal devotion can have terrible consequences. This is especially true for your four-legged friend, who doesn’t need yummy, indulgent treats to know how much you care. Instead, the occasional healthy snack is a wonderful alternative, and it begs the question: how else can you show your pet love? Continue…