Why Scoop the Poop? More Than a Matter of Cleanliness

Arlington_iStock_000071200371_LargeIt seems dog parks, community parks, and sidewalks can be dangerously rife with dog poo. We have to shake our heads and wonder why some owners just can’t seem to scoop the poop. Aside from the disgusting experience of stepping in a fresh pile, there are numerous health reasons for cleaning up after our pets.

Health Reasons for Cleaning Up Pet Waste

Although the task is a stinky one, cleaning up after a pet is a necessary part of being a responsible pet owner. It also helps minimize the spread of illnesses and parasites, some of which can be transmitted to humans as well (i.e., zoonotic). Continue…

The Pros and Cons of Common Dog Toys

Leon_iStock_000027731191_Large (1)It’s safe to say that most dogs love a good toy. Whether they’re playing with you or keeping themselves occupied, dogs love to tug, squeak, chew, fetch, and cuddle their favorite play things. Not only do good dog toys serve to keep your pet active, but they can serve as a wonderful alternative to treats when it comes to rewards for good behavior and devoted companionship.

Safety, however, should be a special consideration when selecting dog toys for your furry friend. After all, the last thing we would want to do is give our BFF (Best Furry Friend) something that would make them sick or worse.

So how do you know if you’re barking up the wrong (or right) tree when it comes to dog toys? …Let’s find out! Continue…

All In Good Fun: Safe Cat Toys… And Playthings to Avoid

Leon_iStock_000022779559_LargePhotographs and video clips of a cat hanging around in a basket full of cushy yarn balls or accidently, adorably getting tangled up in string are a part of our culture’s unwavering commitment to cuteness.

But, like the inspirational hang in there kitty poster from the ‘70s, cats should neither hang perilously from tree branches nor play with long, stringy items bound to result in entanglement and/or obstruction.

So, what safe cat toys should you provide your whiskered, fluff-ball of wonder? Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has the scoop!

Process of Elimination

So, beyond yarn and string – and to prevent the need for emergency care – what else should your frisky feline avoid playing with? Continue…

The Case Against Home Remedies for Pet Parasites

carpet dogParasites. Yuck.

Whether they be microscopic, worm-like, or have six legs, no one likes parasites; especially not on their family members, furry or otherwise. We have made great advances in recent years identifying safe, effective options for pet parasites prevention.

For many reasons, however, people continue to turn to home remedies for pet parasites.

Learn why these seemingly great solutions, however, aren’t all they’re cracked up to be….

The Importance of Parasite Prevention

Besides being just plain yucky, parasites in and on pets are serious business. Parasitic infections in animals can have serious implications on your pet’s overall health and well-being. Pets who have parasites may experience: Continue…