The Ancient Mystery Between Cats and Books

Cat sleeping on an open bookNot all cat lovers like books, and not all book lovers like cats. But, one thing we’re certain is true: there are a special group of people out there who absolutely love both cats and books.

Cats have frequented libraries for centuries, initially to keep rodents and snakes away from precious papyrus scrolls in ancient Egypt. While their primary roles these days include creating a relaxing environment and inspiring literacy in visiting patrons, the power of library and bookstore cats prevails.


The Superb Snout: Understanding Canine Sense of Smell

Dog noseDogs have a lot going for them. They’re fun to be around, smart, amusing, and make great companions. However, perhaps their most distinguishing attribute is that wet, sometimes in-your-face feature: the nose. Not only is it terrific for waking you up each morning, that canine sense of smell has its own special powers as well.


Hearts of Gold: Adopting a Senior Pet

Shelter for homeless dogsMany animal lovers are aware of the fact that senior pets are often the last to be adopted, remaining in shelters for weeks, months, or even longer.

That’s why our team wants to take a moment to highlight how wonderful adopting a senior pet can be. They bring so much love and happiness to a home – we know you won’t regret your decision!