Make 2017 the Most Amazing Year for You and Your Pet

I love dogsNew Year’s resolutions…we love them, we hate them. This year, however, why not change it up and focus more on upgrades you’d like to make for both you and your pet?

They say that having a buddy to support us through exercise, weight loss, and general wellness goals is helpful when it comes to achieving them. Because so many pets could also benefit from a few upgrades and overhauls, including your pal in your New Year’s resolutions can be a great bonding experience.

To help you begin, we came up with some simple suggestions for the healthiest and happiest year yet!


Creating New Traditions: Celebrating a Low-Stress Holiday With Your Pet

Puppy wrapped up in Christmas lightsFor some, skipping the holiday madness is definitely the way to go. Whether that means foregoing gift-giving or taking a pass on hosting the annual feast, there’s certainly good reason to opt for a simpler holiday this year.

For pet owners, this new version of holiday “chill” is especially helpful for keeping a pet stress-free or when you’re looking to increase quality time with your animal companion.

If you want to shake it up this season and make some new memories and traditions, we have you covered. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy an easy-going, hard-work-free holiday with your pet.


Just Hangin’ Around? Unlock the Mystery of Holiday Cat Safety

Cat siting in snowdrift in winter forestYou could say that cats love Christmas, but it may be more accurate to say their “love” is really more of an obsession with Christmas trees. As far as your cat is concerned, the installation of an evergreen tree (whether natural or artificial) is a clear invitation to inspect, chew, jump, climb, and possibly take down and destroy with one pounce. This begs the question: what are your plans to deter your cat from being on or around the tree? With our holiday cat safety tips, you won’t have to scratch your head for long.


This Year’s Trendiest Holiday Gifts for Pets

Puppy wrapped up in Christmas lightsWhen it comes to indulging our fur kids, the holidays can be the best time of year! Many owners wouldn’t dream of keeping a beloved pet off Santa’s gift list and thankfully, buying gifts for pets is the norm these days.

To help you create the perfect pet wish list, the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has compiled some of our favorite ideas along with gifts you should avoid.

Traveling With Your Pet to a Colder Region

Dog in Car with Sweater during SnowstormCold weather can take a toll on many pets, but it’s easy to forget what the “big chill” is like when you live in a temperate climate. Nevertheless, pet owners will soon be packing up their pooches and kittens for holiday visits and other seasonal getaways.

While chilly temps may be hardest on senior pets and those with short coats, all pets can be subject to the dangers of inclement and cold weather. Before traveling with your pet to a colder climate, keep in mind some basic pet safety tips.