Creating a Safe Space for Your Grieving Pet

Dog MemorialThe departure of someone special shakes us to our very core – and the same is true for pets. Like us, animals experience sorrow and grief after the death of a beloved human companion or pet sibling. Since they can’t talk about their emotions or consciously journey through their sadness, it’s difficult to know how to help them feel safe and comfortable. Knowing what a grieving pet is going through can undoubtedly support the process and can even facilitate recovery and healing.


Cats Need Care, Too! 5 Important Things to Remember About Cat Health

Cute little cat with green eyesCats have truly unforgettable qualities, skills, and abilities. From crazy feline acrobatics to stealthy hunting madness, cats are all that and a bag of catnip-flavored chips. In light of all the wonderful things cats bring to our lives, the tenets of proper cat health can get a bit upstaged. There’s a great deal we can do to change the perception that cats are independent and self-sufficient – and it starts with these five important reminders!

Are You Expecting a Healthy Pet in the New Year? We Hope So!

Intent great Dane with drool strandThe first few weeks of a new year are always exciting. There’s so much to do and look forward to, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a tornado of optimism and hope. Pets are pretty tuned into their owner’s energy and emotions, so it’s likely they feel some anticipation for all great things in 2017. Have you thought about the many ways to satisfy your healthy pet in the new year? From diet to exercise, we brainstormed some important resolutions you can make on behalf of your pet.


Countdown to 2017: Our Top 10 Blogs of the Year

Playing with dogNo matter if you thought 2016 was the best or worst year ever, one things remains true… time marches on. And as we enter into 2017, many of us are reflecting on ways to be more present, make improvements to health and wellbeing, and have a generally more positive way of life in the new year.

As a pet owner, you may be considering how to encourage better health and more exercise for your fur companion. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we wholeheartedly support your efforts to better care for your beloved pet – and we want to do our very best to offer you the encouragement, support, and resources to do so.

One of the ways we do this is through our blog, and we are delighted to present our top 10 blogs of the year!