Does my Indoor Pet Need to be Vaccinated?

pet vaccinationsWhen it comes to veterinary care, the need for an indoor pet to be vaccinated is one of the more common questions (and assumptions) we encounter. While it’s true that animals who spend more time outside are at greater risk of exposure to certain diseases, this does not mean indoor pets are immune. Simply put, there’s always the risk of infection.


On the Road Again: Is Your Car Pet Friendly?

Now is the time to plan your spring and summer road trips. If you anticipate bringing your furry family members along (of course!), it’s important to make your car pet friendly.  

Gone are the days of letting Fido sit in the truck bed or catch the breeze by hanging their head out of the car. Yet, making your car pet friendly is about more than just having your pet in his or her crate/carrier.


Rabbit Care Tips for the Happiest Bun-Bun in Town

In the world of cute, cuddly young pets, rabbits, bunnies, or “bunny-rabbits” are absolute contenders for your love and attention. Perhaps unconventional, they certainly rival puppies and kittens for their sweetness and irresistible charms.

Their adorable qualities aside, rabbits are relatively easy to care for once you have the know-how. Understanding your bun-bun’s unique personality can be rewarding, and with all the right rabbit care tools at your disposal, the possibilities for fun are endless.


All About Mange in Pets

You may know the term “mangy mutt”, but do you really know what mange is? There are many reasons for itchy skin, hair loss, and other dermatological problems in our animal friends. Learn all about mange in pets and how to know when this diagnosis is the culprit.

What Is Mange in Pets

Mange is a term for a broader skin condition caused by mites on the skin. There are several different types of mange, and each of these crawly critters can colonize the skin and cause problems.