Questionable Feline Behavior: Do Cats Enjoy Rolling Around in the Dirt?

Cats are remarkably clean creatures. Sure, they groom their own private parts and paws (and those belonging to other animals), but they do it well, don’t they? To be sure, cats are clean by nature – certainly not like some other pets they know and tolerate.

The feline behavior known as “dirt bathing” directly contradicts their otherwise meticulous methods. While this is a normal and natural thing to do, it does raise questions about why Fluffy would display such odd, “dog-like” behavior.


The Great Feline Mystery: What is it With Cats and Boxes?

cats and boxesMost feline fanciers have come to know and love their cat’s appreciation for the cardboard box. A year’s worth of new toys cannot come close to the attraction of cats and boxes and empty containers. Besides their interest in pouncing on unsuspecting prey, many of us have pondered why – after spending good money on new cat toys – the family cat prefers a plain old cardboard box?

To help clear up some of the mystery behind this behavior, your friends at Leon Valley have set out to investigate the fascinating connection between cats and boxes.


Fun in the Sun: 5 Essential Summer Pet Safety Tips

The heat is already on for most of us in the southern half of the country, and where did spring go? Being prepared for the early blaze of warm weather often means cranking up the central air, adding refrigerant to our vehicle’s air conditioner systems, and stocking up on sunscreen. When it comes to pets and their owners, summer pet safety is at the top of our list.

While there’s nothing quite as fun as frolicking outside with Fido or lounging poolside with Fluffy, recognizing common mistakes that pet owners make is key to keeping our furry friends safe this summer. At Leon Valley, we’re happy to offer the following summer pet safety tips.


Who Says Mother’s Day Isn’t for Pet Moms, Too?

pet momsAs far as unconditional love, compassion, and dedication go, pet moms are pretty hard to beat. They don’t raise a fuss if Fluffy’s got a hairball at 3 a.m. or feel slighted when Fido needs a foxtail removed. At the end of the day, if their fur babies are safe, healthy, and happy, pet moms can enjoy the sleep of the truly satisfied, hard-working, and devoted.

For these reasons (and many more!), we think it’s high time that all pet moms join the ranks of other matriarchs this – and every – Mother’s Day.