Yankee Doodle Doggie: How to Safely Celebrate the Fourth of July With Your Pet

fourth of july with your petThere are some things that just don’t mix. For example, the Fourth of July and pets is often a risky combination. Loud noises, parties, fireworks, and other crowded festivities are all part of the equation, making the holiday seem like a pain for pet owners everywhere.

In a previous blog, we wrote about the dangers of the holiday and how to protect your pet. This also includes a common pet condition (noise anxiety) and how to help your furry friend cope. But what about ways to make the holiday pet friendly?

For all our pet parents out there, we have some fun and safe ideas for spending the Fourth of July with your pet.


Time to Motivate: A Quick Guide to Bathing a Pet at Home

bathing a petBathing a pet is one facet of responsible pet ownership that supports healthy skin and a clean coat. The process, however, isn’t always easy. Certainly, having the right supplies and know-how will bolster ultimate success – but what does your pet have to say about standing on a slippery, wet surface and having his or her body, paws, and head cleaned?


From Festivals to Fairs: Keeping Your Pet Safe in Public Gatherings

pet safe in publicLarge-scale events typically do not allow pets (except service animals) – and for good reason. It’s hard enough to keep a pet safe in public on a normal day of the week, but adding potentially dangerous foods, uncomfortable weather conditions, and loud, jarring noises to the mix could be a recipe for disaster. Sure, certain life experiences are enhanced through the company of a four-legged best friend, but sometimes, it’s safer to just leave a pet at home.