Questions Answered by a Simple Dog DNA Test

dog DNA testKnowing where we come from is a unique gift, but not everyone can attest to certain, uncontested lineage. That’s changing, however, with mail-in DNA tests. Helping us connect with our ancestry is gaining popularity within our own species, but it’s a booming industry for others, as well. A dog DNA test, for example, is one way to conclusively pinpoint breed and inherited complications. Understanding a pup’s genetics can be exciting, but there’s more to this groundbreaking science than meets the eye.


In It for the Long Haul: Moving with Pets

pet travelThere are many reasons moving is considered one of modern life’s most stressful events. Between finding a new home, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, packing, and transferring your insurance, utilities, and important documents, the process can be dizzying and overwhelming. Throw a pet or two into the mix, and things quickly go from crazy to crazier.

With a little planning and preparation, however, moving with pets can be done with relative ease, and your friends at Leon Valley are here to help!


Why do Pets Spend so Much Time Sleeping?

why do pets spend so much time sleepingWhether you have a snoozing pup or a napping cat, chances are, you’ve seen your pet at rest more than at play – and for hours at a time! This may seem like a lot of rest for any creature, but there are many reasons as to why pets sleep so much.

Your friends at Leon Valley are here to answer the question, “Why do pets spend so much time sleeping?”


Is Heartworm Prevention More Affordable Than Treatment?

heartwormWe could all do a lot with an extra thousand bucks, right? A week-long inclusive vacation, season tickets to the Spurs, or new kitchen cabinets might round out the list of possible options. However, in the case of an unfortunate diagnosis of heartworm disease in your pet, that little nest egg could be applied to the cost of treatment.

Heartworm prevention isn’t free either, but when you consider the entire annual cost is about $200, the difference between prevention and treatment is clear.