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Why Microchipping Helps Reunite Lost Pets with Their Owners

The aftermath of Harvey and Irma (among other hurricanes and worldwide flooding) have been on our hearts and minds over the past few months. Whether we or someone we know have been impacted, these losses have been deeply felt by most of us in the wake of the storms. Among these tragedies are the many […]
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After the Storm: How to Help Pets in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

As we continue to assess the damage, clean up and rebuild, and provide solace and support to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, pet owners might wonder how they can help the many animals impacted by the storm. The staff at Leon Valley wants to encourage all of us to lend a hand for […]
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Why Fostering a Pet Could be the Best Thing You’ve Ever Done

Young, old, injured, ill, abused, and unsocialized animals are sometimes given a break from shelter life in the form of foster care. Foster programs give pets a chance to grow or learn so they can have the best chance for adoption into forever homes. While fostering a pet can be demanding and taxing, it’s often […]
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K9 Heroes: The Search and Rescue Dogs of September 11th

After the twin towers and the Pentagon were hit on September 11, 2001, the largest U.S.  deployment of search and rescue dogs in history rushed to these sites with their handlers. In addition to these 350 brave K9 heroes, more than 300 therapeutic dogs were stationed to aid and comfort rescue workers and volunteers. To […]
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