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Choosing the Right Water and Food Bowls for Your Pet

Most of us would agree that good nutrition is important for every pet, but have you ever thought about your pet’s bowl? Likely not. After all, your ever-hungry lab is less than discriminating about where their food comes from. A paper plate? No problem! The trash can? You bet! Pets probably don’t consider much beyond […]
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Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

If you own a dog, the old song “Me and My Shadow” probably comes to mind. Dogs are true companions who are always happy to be near us wherever we may be (unfortunately, even in the bathroom). While at first, this constant companionship may be endearing, in some cases, it may become problematic or indicate […]
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Play Ball: All About Athletes And Animal Charities

Professional athletes don’t always have the best reputations outside of their respective playing fields, especially when it comes to animals. This has started to change, however, as athletes in Texas and across the country use their considerable influence to positively impact the lives of needy animals. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite athletes and animal […]
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Rat Bait, Not Cat Bait:  Rodenticide Poisoning in Pets

Pet poisonings happen secondary to exposure to all sorts of things. It might be helping themselves to some chocolate, applying the wrong type of flea preventive to your cat, or drinking some sweet antifreeze from the driveway. However, one of the most common animal toxicities we see at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is rodenticide poisoning […]
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