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Is Holiday Cat Safety a Real Thing?

We are swiftly sliding toward year-end, a fact that many cat owners brace themselves for. Is Fluffy going to bring down the Christmas tree again this year? Burn their whiskers from getting too close to festive candles? With our holiday cat safety measures firmly in place, you won’t have to worry quite as much. And […]
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Is it True? Debunking Common Dog Myths

Dogs can be quirky, that’s for sure. Just like cats, dogs have their own idiosyncrasies and behaviors that lend themselves to some pretty unusual myths. Over time, some of these ideas about dogs became facts. But are they really facts or just long-standing fictions that have readily been embraced? Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is here […]
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A Friendly Reminder for a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving

If you’ve followed our blog over the years (and, of course, we hope you have!), then you probably know all about pet toxins. You might even have a list of all the no-no’s that can cause pet poisoning. Still, most holidays that involve lots of food go hand-in-hand with increased calls to the Pet Poison […]
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A Salute to Our Canine Veterans

Veterans Day is a time of remembrance, to pause and pay our respects to the courageous men and women who have served in the military. These incredible individuals have made significant sacrifices to ensure our rights, freedoms, and livelihood. Their dedication and sense of duty is felt and appreciated as we honor our veterans. Also […]
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