Ask a Vet: Can I Use Essential Oils on Pets?

Essential oils have been an important part of folk medicine for thousands of years, and have recently exploded in popularity for their use in aromatherapy and alternative medicine. Proponents of essential oils use them regularly for everything from anxiety and muscle aches to treating illnesses and promoting relaxation and mental clarity.

The trend towards the use of essential oils for healing and relaxation purposes isn’t limited to humans. Many pet owners want to shield their animal companions from harsh chemicals, but using essential oils on pets may not have the desired effects. Some essential oils may be toxic to pets, or cause adverse reactions, and pet owners are wise to use extreme caution when it comes to this alternative therapy.


Spay and Neuter FAQ

spay and neuterSpay and neuter are surgical procedures to remove the reproductive organs. But many pet owners have concerns about whether to spay or neuter their pet and, if so, when to do it.

Questions like these are par for the course in veterinary medicine, and at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we talk to clients all the time about this procedure. We thought we’d share the most frequently asked questions (and answers!) to help put your mind at ease and give you some things to consider.


Zoonotic Illnesses Can Harm You and Your Pet

The term “zoonotic” is something you might have heard before, as more cases of zoonotic illnesses have been reported over the past decade. Probably the most well known zoonotic illness is rabies. More recently, the spread of leptospirosis has garnered the attention of pet owners and has put a spotlight on illnesses that can be spread from pets to people.

Because zoonotic illnesses are something that will never be totally eradicated, it’s important to understand what these diseases are and how you can protect you and your family members, including your four-legged ones.


The Cat’s out of the Bag! Cat Health and Preventive Care

cat healthIf you already have cats as a part of your household, you likely know what wonderful and unique creatures they are. Cats are agile, intelligent, and loving, but keeping your cat healthy takes more than bringing them to the veterinarian when something is wrong.

Here are the basics of cat health, from Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, to keeping your cat happy and healthy for their lifetime.