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Does My Dog Need a Diet?

Weight loss is a tough subject, for humans and pets alike! It’s a challenge, especially when we realize we may have spent the winter months on the couch a bit too much, or perhaps eaten one too many desserts. But, for our pets (and for us!), losing weight can add years to their lives and […]
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Remembering the Fallen: Memorial Day and K9 Veterans

Memorial Day offers a unique opportunity for Americans to honor the brave men and women who have served our country at home and abroad. Observing a moment of silence for fallen soldiers, decorating a grave, or attending a ceremony is immensely important. While we reflect on these sacrifices, the faithful, valiant contributions of thousands of […]
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5 Dog Training Basics Every Pet Owner Should Know

They don’t call dogs “man’s/woman’s best friend” for nothing. Sharing your life with a dog can be an incredibly meaningful experience, but when that dog jumps up on all your guests, runs away at a moment’s notice, or destroys your brand new couch and favorite pair of shoes, that special bond can experience some strain. […]
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