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Thunderstorms and Fireworks: What Can You Do About Pet Anxiety This Summer?

Many pet owners know exactly when it’s about to rain buckets in July, but it’s not because they saw the weather report. Instead, by watching their pet closely for any signs of of fear or stress, they can count down when the first bolt of lightning will fill the sky. Between summer storms or Fourth […]
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Made in the Shade: An Essential of Summer Pet Safety

As the dog days of summer arrive, we all may be spending more time outdoors, including our pets. During warm, sunny days in Texas, though, it quickly becomes a priority to stay cool by finding a shady tree, cooling off in the pool, or even heading indoors to the air conditioning. What about our pets? […]
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Beat the Bugs in Your Yard With Pet Safe Mosquito Control

For much of the year in San Antonio, mosquitos are an unfortunate part of life thanks to our humid summers and mild winters. Besides being annoying to both people and pets, mosquitoes can also transmit a variety of diseases, such as West Nile virus and Zika virus. Since there are no vaccines or cures for […]
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What’s the Real Deal with Cats and Milk?

Of the myriad myths about cats, their misunderstood proclivity for cow’s milk ranks near the top. Despite modern conventional wisdom, the idea that cats love, need, and want milk remains ubiquitous among cat owners and admirers alike. Cats and milk used to go together like mice and cheese, dogs and bones, but today a different […]
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