Boning Up On Senior Pet Health

Senior pet health is important to senior pet care

If cats and dogs aged at the same rate that humans do, we’d be able to live with our best friends for much longer. Unfortunately, they age about 7 times faster than us, or approximately 7 years for every one of ours.

The good news is that with routine preventive care and early screening of age-related diseases, senior pets over the age of 7 years old are living longer, more complete lives. Growing older is a natural part of life, and with a proactive approach to senior pet health, special pets can live far into their golden years.


Caring for Your Pet After Surgery: Common Post Surgical FAQs

Caring for your pet after surgery is part of healing your petIf your pet has had surgery, likely you’ve left the hospital with a long list of home care instructions. Once your pet leaves the operating room and is on her way home, it’s up to you to help make her more comfortable using these instructions, so that the healing process can begin.

But this responsibility can be daunting, and there are common questions that arise after surgery. Since we all want to make sure our pet is as comfortable as can be, Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is spending some time talking about these frequently asked questions, and how to best care for your pet after surgery.

Common Questions About Caring for Your Pet After Surgery


A Matter of Preference: Do You Allow Your Pet on the Couch?

Having a pet on the couch can be nice. As with most things in life, once a decision is made you have to do your best to stand by it. There’s just no room to be wishy-washy. In the case of pondering the good ‘ole pets on furniture conundrum, it’s absolutely required to either allow it – or not. To avoid confusion and potential behavioral problems, there must not be a grey area. Now that that’s out of the way, is it bad if you allow your pet on the couch?

It’s Just Nice

Snuggling with your pet on the couch is one of the best moments in life. Both of you get the maximum chill time out of the opportunity, and your pet likely relishes in the closeness. Plus, they get the added benefit of hanging out in your favorite spot when you aren’t at home which, conveniently, smells like you. It’s also way more comfortable than their bed on the floor. Continue…