Multilingual Mutts: The Pros and Cons of Teaching Foreign Language Dog Commands

Teaching foreign language dog commands is a way to train your dog

All dog owners know their pups are smart and, for many, it seems like their dog really can understand what they’re saying. Although this idea isn’t accurate, animals can associate certain words with behaviors and/or consequences (e.g., “sit,” “walk,” and “no”).

Because of their unique understanding of certain aspects of human speech, body language, and even facial expressions, it’s possible to train your dog to “speak” in a different language. Using foreign language dog commands can be fun and may even be beneficial to your dog’s training and comprehension.


5 Ways Owning A Pet Makes You A Better Person

Owning a pet can improve your health

At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we’re lucky enough to be around pets all day. They never fail to make us laugh, give tons of cuddles, and wow us with their funny personalities. But we wanted to dig in deeper, to some of the reasons why we feel owning a pet makes you a better person.

Most pet owners know instinctively that having your dog meet you at the door or your cat jump up on your lap makes you happier. Their unconditional love is a true gift, and one that most of us don’t take for granted.


Automatic Litter Boxes: Is the Convenience Worth the Expense?

Automatic litter boxes can help with keeping your house from smelling like cats

Cats are pretty awesome for a lot of reasons, but one of them is their stalwart dedication to waste containment. You don’t see cat owners walking around the backyard looking for poop to scoop. Nope, cats visit their litter box, scratch around, relieve themselves, and then cover it up. Sure, they might have accidents occasionally, or passive aggressively suggest that you get up and clean their box tout suite. But overall they are perfect participants in the bathroom department.

All this leads us to wonder if automatic litter boxes are really worth the hype. When a product is designed to eliminate (or reduce) your chores, is it too good to be true? There’s a few strong contenders out there, it just depends on what’s right for your cat, and your wallet.


Deaf Dogs are Dynamite!

Deaf dogs can have a full and active life, with the right accommodations.

While it is ideal for people (and pets, too) to be equipped with all of their senses, we are perfectly capable of functioning without one of them. There are many misconceptions surrounding pets that lack full function, in particular deaf dogs. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, though, we know that deaf dogs are perfectly capable of living wonderful lives.

Understanding Deaf Dogs

Dogs may become deaf in several manners. It may evolve slowly over a long period of time, or happen quite acutely. Sometimes both ears are affected, other times just one ear is involved.