Seasonal Scares: Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween pet safety prevents pet poisoning emergencies.

For many of us, it’s trick-or-treat time, which likely means lots of fun and goodies for your family. But it can also mean dangers for your pets. While many pets do enjoy being included on Fright Night, be cautious about where and what you allow your pet to do on the scariest night of the year. Avoiding scares in your own home is key when it comes to Halloween pet safety, and Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital can help!


Timeless Wellness: Senior Pet Care 101

Senior pet care is important to senior pet health.

Over the past several decades, our understanding of the aging process and the needs of senior pets has improved dramatically thanks to veterinary studies and research. Combine this with the never-ending love and devotion of dedicated pet owners, and you’ve got a recipe for longer, more fulfilling lives for today’s pets.

Whether you adopted your pet as a puppy or kitten or welcomed an adult dog or cat into your home, sharing your life with a senior pet can be a deeply rewarding experience. Providing them with the best in senior pet care will help keep the bond between you as strong as ever and give them the wonderful golden years they deserve.


Clicker Training Basics For Your Dog

Clicker training is good for dog training and cat training

If you’re just starting to train your pet, you probably have encountered the term “clicker training”. Positive dog training owes much of its success over the years to clicker training, but what is this popular method, and how does it work?

Clicker training is one of the fastest ways to develop a shared language with your dog. Not only is it a rapid way of training your dog, it’s one of the best training methods for fearful or hypersensitive dogs. Basic obedience is important to keep your dog safe, protect him from injuries, and prevent him from getting lost. It’s also a fun way to bond with your dog, give him some exercise, and keep his mind sharp which prevents boredom and unwanted behaviors.

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital explores this popular training method so you can learn the basics.


San Antonio and Beyond: Fall Pet Activities to Swoon Over

San Antonio Fall Activities for Pets Abound

October is arguably one of the best months in southern Texas. The heat finally backs off, and there’s an abundance of things to do outdoors. Indeed, with all the fun to experience in and around San Antonio this fall, it just wouldn’t do to leave your dog at home. Instead, check out these tips to experience the best fall pet activities around town!

Ready for This?

Going out in public with your dog is always fun, but it’s more delightful when they’re well-behaved. Don’t take your pet along if they pose a risk to other animals or people. Also be sure they’re fully vaccinated, microchipped, current on parasite prevention, spayed/neutered, and can understand basic voice commands.