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Special Care for Senior Cats: How to Provide Some Extra TLC For Your Senior Cat

It used to be that an eight year old cat was considered a senior. But with better nutrition, indoor living, and preventive health care, cats are now regularly living into their teens and twenties. Making that time together the best it can be is one of our most important goals at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital. […]
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Corn Chip Feet: Why do My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos?

If you’re like us, corn chips are one of your favorite snacks. But have you ever noticed that your dog’s feet smell like Fritos? Many people report they actually like this smell! Regardless of how you feel about this phenomenon, it’s pretty common, and you may be wondering what’s behind this peculiar occurrence. Whether you […]
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Is There a Link Between Grain Free Diets and Heart Disease?

Conscientious pet parents are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the lives of their pets. We vow to take them on more walks, buy them the latest Furbo, and make sure to schedule a wellness exam every year. But what about the food we give them?   Research shows that feeding your pet […]
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Furry Personal Barometers: The Truth About Cat Tails

People depend on verbal communication to understand each other, but body language is a huge part of eye-to-eye conversations. Even though we constantly process and synthesize information from others, confusion and miscommunications occur all the time. So, if we aren’t that great at understanding other humans, how can we expect to learn verbal and nonverbal […]
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