Spring Has Sprung! And With It Comes Spring Pet Toxins

Spring is in the air, and we are all ready to get outside! Even with the mild winters of San Antonio, there’s nothing like the first spring breeze and a little more daylight to get the spring fever started. Our pets feel the pull of the season as well, and are eager to stretch their legs in the sun, too.

But more outdoor time sometimes means that – surprise! – your pet got into something they shouldn’t, and you wind up at the emergency clinic. With our list of spring pet toxins, Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital can help you keep these surprises to a minimum as the weather warms up.


Is Dog Eye Discharge Normal?

Dog owners are familiar with all manner of canine bodily fluids. Whether it’s inside or outside the house, at the park, in the car, or anywhere in between, we clean up after our beloved companions. After all, it’s a small price to pay for all the joy they bring to our lives. It’s also pretty normal – that is, until it’s not!

Eye “boogers” are one example of ordinary canine secretions, but dog eye discharge can also signal something else entirely.


Pet Ear Health & Cleaning Tips That Get the Job Done

The ways we introduce sights, sounds and sensations to our pets sets the tone for any future experiences. If first encounters are generally perceived as positive you’ll have fewer uphill battles when it comes to convincing them that everything is A-OK later down the line.

For grooming and pet ear health, this is especially true. Many pets are utterly resistant to being handled in this way, but given the chance to learn that it’s not painful – and maybe even worth it in the end – they can learn to accept it.


Is Your Senior Cat Lonely?

There are different reasons to consider adopting another cat, but if you already have an aging feline at home you’d be correct to take pause over the decision. It’s possible your senior cat is out of sorts if they’ve recently lost a friend or littermate, but introducing them to another pet won’t replace their buddy. What’s more, the situation could be fraught with territorial tension that could profoundly stress them out.

All this doesn’t mean your cat wouldn’t benefit from another pal. Instead, with a lot of love, patience and encouragement it could be the best choice of all.