The Amazing Canine Nose: Dog Nose Slits Explained

If you’ve ever marveled at your dog’s sense of smell, you’re not alone. The canine nose is definitely a doggy superpower. While it was originally developed to help them survive, a dog’s sense of smell has helped humans detect drugs, weapons, illegally transported plants and seeds, cadavers, missing people, cancer cells, and even low blood sugar. 

What’s behind the powers of the canine nose? Dog nose slits, the small openings on either side of your dog’s nostrils, are partially responsible for a dog’s amazing sense of smell. 


5 Ways to Score A Pet-Friendly Rental

A recent search for a pet-friendly rental on yielded tons of results – and that’s just in (and around) San Antonio! That’s great news for a pet owner, especially because landlords and property management organizations are generally perceived as “anti-pet”.

With potential for significant damage, disruption and conflict, what can prospective renters do to win over landlords or management companies?

Let’s Stay Together

It can be challenging to find the right pet-friendly rental. In fact, it’s one of the most tragic reasons for re-homing or surrendering a beloved pet to the animal shelter.


Food for Thought: A Look at Cat Grooming Practices

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, but there are many that get upwards of 20 hours! When they aren’t dreaming of chasing mice, fighting rivals, or licking their chops for a taste of tuna, cats are highly alert and keenly aware of themselves. To that end, they spend up to half of their waking lives grooming themselves.

What is this fixation on grooming all about? More importantly, what can owners do to help their cats stay clean and encourage healthy grooming? Let’s take a look at cat grooming practices to get a better understanding of this important social instinct.