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The Amazing Canine Nose: Dog Nose Slits Explained

If you’ve ever marveled at your dog’s sense of smell, you’re not alone. The canine nose is definitely a doggy superpower. While it was originally developed to help them survive, a dog’s sense of smell has helped humans detect drugs, weapons, illegally transported plants and seeds, cadavers, missing people, cancer cells, and even low blood […]
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5 Ways to Score A Pet-Friendly Rental

A recent search for a pet-friendly rental on yielded tons of results – and that’s just in (and around) San Antonio! That’s great news for a pet owner, especially because landlords and property management organizations are generally perceived as “anti-pet”. With potential for significant damage, disruption and conflict, what can prospective renters do to […]
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Food for Thought: A Look at Cat Grooming Practices

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, but there are many that get upwards of 20 hours! When they aren’t dreaming of chasing mice, fighting rivals, or licking their chops for a taste of tuna, cats are highly alert and keenly aware of themselves. To that end, they spend up to half of […]
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