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Dispelling the Fear of Pet Anesthesia

Veterinary surgery has come a long way in recent years. Routine procedures, such as spays, neuters, or dental cleanings, are remarkably commonplace now, and advanced surgeries, necessitated by sudden illness or injury, can be complete life-savers.  Regardless of a surgery’s complexity, keeping animals safe, still, and free of pain requires anesthesia. This understandably triggers stress […]
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Training an Older Dog: Is it Possible?

There are many great reasons to adopt an older dog. Perhaps not surprisingly, the absence of housetraining ranks pretty high. Sure, there might be accidents in the very beginning of your new relationship, but once you train them to go at certain times (and only in designated areas!) a new-to-you adult or senior dog will […]
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Tough Pill to Swallow? Pill Pockets (and Other Schemes) To Change the Game

If you’ve ever watched a vet or tech administer medication, it can look remarkably easy. That is, of course, until you try it at home. The animal in need of a pill seems to have found a new hiding spot, or catches a whiff of the “yucky stuff” and protests with clenched jaws. You might […]
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