Sick as a Dog: 5 Things That Cause Diarrhea in Dogs 

Dogs have evolved alongside humans for thousands of years, but even the most well-mannered canines still have to answer nature’s call. For many dogs, eating something really disgusting they found on the ground or trash bin is an irresistible urge. This can yield exasperating responses from their people that have to clean up the unfortunate results of eating something weird. 

Diarrhea in dogs isn’t a rare occurrence but it can definitely signal something serious. Hang in there, we’ve got the top 5 things that can cause the runs.


Not Your Average Flea: Other Parasites that Can Harm Your Pet 

Each spring, most pet owners turn their attention to the warmer weather, opportunity for outdoor reaction, and, of course, those nasty parasites that truly bug us. These fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are the bane of most of our outdoor fun. These parasites also bother our pets, so it’s no doubt that the responsible pet owner will maintain parasite preventives to reduce their risk of vector-borne disease.

But what about those other parasitic pests that can harm pets? There are actually a few lesser known parasites that cause health problems for our four-leggeds, and sometimes for us, too.

Read on as the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital explains other parasites that can harm your pet.


Dizzy Doggie: How Can I Help My Pet’s Car Sickness 

Does your pet start to heave about 15 minutes into every car trip? Are you cleaning the car upholstery each time? Dogs, like humans, can suffer from motion sickness, and puppies are more prone to this condition. Dealing with a sick puppy can be a drag when you are en route, but there are some things you can do to alleviate the nausea and make the ride more enjoyable for all.

The team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is here with some tips on reducing your pet’s car sickness through understanding the cause and treating it. “How can I help my pet’s car sickness?” Read on!


Navigating Your Resident Cat and a New Puppy 

What could be more fun than owning a cat? How about adding a new puppy to the mix? Chances are that if you are expanding your furry family, your original four-pawed residents may have something to say about it. 

Integrating your cat and a new puppy can have its challenges, but Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital knows how to help. 

Nice to Meet You

First impressions mean a lot, and it’s no different for your cat. When introducing a new puppy into your home it is important to make sure that things go smoothly.